The Best 5 Prank Apps To Fool Your Friend



Ownage Pranks

If you spend a number of your free time surfing the online to seek out the funniest prank calls, then you’ve probably encountered OwnagePranks. If you spend a number of your free time surfing the online to seek out the funniest prank calls, then you’ve probably encountered Ownage Pranks. While Ownage Pranks is primarily known for its hysterically funny YouTube channel, their pranks app has taken the prank calling world by storm. full of over 100 high-quality prank scripts that feature many of the show’s characters, what makes this app outstanding isn’t just the massive selection offered but also its superb voice acting and prank originality.

So how does it work? Every pre-recording is automated to play when your friend picks up the decision , reenacting a typical call . Doing its best human impersonation, most could never tell the difference because of its sophisticated AI algorithm. The algorithm can make conversational responses at the proper times, appearing human-like over the phone. Pre-recordings played all contain a singular prank scenario- A disgruntled man accusing you of hitting on his girlfriend or a supposed neighbor demanding you give him your Wi-Fi password.

Browse their pranks to concentrate to the variability of scenarios on offer.

So how does one make the prank call?

Step 1: Choose a prerecording from over 100 available

Step 2: Select the contact from your address book

Step 3: Call then listen live, enjoying your friend’s reactions

After a prank call concludes, it’ll automatically be recorded, enabling you to concentrate again afterward. be happy to email your saved recordings to the Pranks Hall of Fame; this online community features the funniest Prank calls submitted by OwnagePranks users round the world.

Text Replacement

This is not a prank that you simply need a classic sort of application. Hear us out. you’ll perform some text replacement through a built-in app which will be a true source of entertainment if used properly. the sole thing you would like to try to to is attend Settings, find General and Keyboard, and access Text Replacement. you’ll replace all of the common words with anything you’d want to. That way, you’re getting to have some exceptionally funny conversations, and your friend will haven’t any clue what’s happening. the simplest thing about it’s that you simply simply can get really creative and you’ll make some funny conversations that you are getting to remember for a very while . Have fun!

TV Remote Apps

Nothing is as annoying as being unable to observe what you’ve intended on your tv. By downloading a number of the TV remote apps, like Optimum, you’ll trick your friend believing TV is malfunctioning. you’ll either change channels, volume up the tv, shut it down, or lower the quantity to zero. With this one, you’ll get pretty creative. Moreover, you’ll connect your app with other devices like DVR and see your friend getting frustrated on an entire nother level. We’ve tried this one, and that we can say that the simplest of of these options is increasing the sound volume.

From what we’ve been ready to experience, this is often a prank that never gets old, which can provide you with tons of fun moments. For your friend, not such a lot the simplest part about it’s that your friend won’t have any clue about what’s happening and you’ll even roll in the hay for a very while before you get sorry enough, to inform the reality . When that happens, we might recommend you to be call at the open where you’ll escape somewhere.

 Prank Stun Gun

stun baton is perhaps one among the foremost unpleasant belongings you are getting to experience in your lifetime if you’re not lucky enough to experience it. However, pranking someone that he’s close to be stunned with this one is hilarious. Nowadays, it’s possible to trick your friend on your mobile . We’ve stumbled across an application that calls itself “Prank Stun Gun”. With this one, you’re getting to be ready to completely trick your friend if he or she is close to be struck with a stun baton .

The only thing you would like to try to to is to carry your phone such as you would hold a stun baton and touch your friend with it. Naturally, it’ll not have a shock as a result, for a glimpse, your friend will feel a vibration and therefore the sound of electricity are going to be heard. this may create a sense almost like when someone is basically shocked by a stun baton there’s no reason why you shouldn’t provides it a try.

Prank Apps iTorturer

If you are feeling like playing a gaggle prank during a room filled with your buddies, then the iTorturer app is strictly what you would like . Intended to prank large groups as against one person, this app is exclusive among other prank apps today. iTorturers primary feature is to play distinct sounds specifically chosen to be as irritating as possible; these include High Frequency, Tri-tone Text Sound, and noise . The 45kHZ screeching noise is especially exasperating as its high frequency are often heard even within the loudest of places.

A suggestion to form pranks more amusing is by acting oblivious to the sound, telling your friend it’s beat their head. Although you’ll have access to the three sound effects mentioned prior, not all of the sounds in iTorturer are free. If you would like to unlock additional sound effects, you’ll be required to form in-app purchases. Premium sound options offer a spread of sounds, including Whoopee Cushion, Cat Meow, and Fly Buzzing.


Here are a number of the simplest prank apps that you simply can use for tricking your friends. These will provide you with the likelihood to become a prankster without making any additional effort. We are pretty sure that you simply will have a blast while using them. As we said earlier within the article, we might recommend you to be call at the open, so you’ll escape when needed. We are getting to repeat this one at the top .

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