Pyar Mangdi Jassi Gill New Punjabi Single Out Now

Jassi Gill is a very famous singer to all of us. He brings new surprises for us after a while. He will appear again with a new song. The title of his new song is ‘Avvisra Pyaar Mangdi’. It is going to be released as an awesome song. The song is featured by ‘Happy Raikoti.’ The lyrics of the song are written by Happy Rai Koti. The video is directed by ‘Rahul Chahal.’ Then it is understood how the song can be produced by them. ‘Aman Kalsi’ has designed all.

The song is produced by ‘Nikhil Dwivedi’. The music is directed by the very popular ‘Avvi Sra’. Female leader ‘Yashika Talwar.’

Ideas about the biography of the singer of the song Jassi Gill

His Early life: Jassi Singh Gill is Punjabi. He was born in Jadali village in Ludhiana district of Punjab.

He studied at Gobindgarh College’. In this college, he took training in two practical subjects. These two subjects are physical education and music. He also received singing training at a local youth festival, where he won second place three times. This is of outstanding quality. There were very few talented artists like him in his area. He had to fight for three years at a time before his debut.

Jassi Gill’s film career began with his performance on the big screen in Mr. and Mrs. 420. He teamed up with Simran Kaur Mundi and Roshan Prince in romantic comedian Ton Bachche Rahine. He signed on to make a film with ‘Gauhar Khan’ in February 2015. The title of the film is – ‘Oh Yada Ainvedhi Ainbhai Lut Gaya’. The film marks Jassi Singh Gill’s debut in the movie. He also starred in’ Neeru Bajwar and Channo Kamali Year Di’ with outstanding performances. The name of her first Bollywood film is ‘Happy Fir Bhag Jayegi’.

His first Bollywood film was released in 2016. He went to Panga to act with’ Kangana Ranaut.’ There he played the role of ‘Adarsh ​​Swamy Prasant’, and everyone liked his performance very much. He became very popular with the people through this film. It was basically his first super hit film.

Her music career: The first album released by Jassi Gill was titled ‘Batchmate’. The song ‘Churyaan’ was included in this album. This was his first album of songs, and it was released in 2011. Then again in 2012, he released a solo album of his songs, the name of this album was ‘Vigre Sharabi’. In 2013 he released his album ‘batch mate 2’. It included the song of ‘Narendra Bath’ and also the song ‘Lancer’. The classmate song was featured in the movie ‘Daddy Cool Mundi Fool’. It was one of his super hit songs. With this song, he followed the Batchmate 2 album.

The primary information of the song:

Song Title Pyar Mangdi
Singer Jassi Gill
Featured by Happy Raikoti
Video made by  Rahul Chahal
Designed by Aman Kalsi
Producing Nikhil Dwivedi
Music by Avvysra
Female leading Yashika Talwar
Lyrics Happy Raikoti
Releasing on 15th September


Treasure of this song by Jassi Gill

It is a super hit song. You can obviously imagine that this is going to be a favourite song of your life. This song will be more of a hit than its predecessors. Although not all can be understood by looking at the treasure of the song, the idea is that it will be a great song. And people will be very supportive. I hope that you must want to hear this song and get the video link. Then follow this site and download the safe video link after the song is released.

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