Karan Aujla Thaa Karke Ft B Mohit New Punjabi Song Just Released

A new video song of Karan Aujla is going to be released tomorrow. Karan Aujla proudly posted the song titled “Thaa Karke” on his Instagram. Where he has been able to make the song in his own voice with the help of Jas bhathal, Baljit Hundal. Karan Aujla gave special thanks to these two people in his Instagram post.


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Thaa Karke important information

Song Title Thaa Karke
Singer Karan Aujla
Lyrics D Soldierz Musical group
Musical director D Soldierz Musical group
Produce by Sandeep Rehaan
Video editor Rupan Bal
Project editor Sandepp Rehaan, Bajwa sukh, Jeewan Cahal
Record by Rehaan Records
Release Date 28-08-2020


Karan Aujla Short Biography:

Karan Aujla, the singer of “THAA KARKE” is a lyricist, singer and rap singer at the same time.Thaa Karke Lyrics are very interesting, So far he has sung and acted in 40 solo songs. He also wrote 34 songs. He also joined as an artist in 44 different songs sung by others. He has his own YouTube channel Global YouTube music. He was also a featured artist in 14 songs organized by OCC.

Singer Karan Aujla’s studio album

  1. So far, she has only one solo album. The album, labeled Rehaan Records, will be released on CD, social platform and streaming. Album name and release date not specified.

Singer Karan Aujla Latest Songs:

In 2016, Karan Aujla sang on Gurlez Akhtar’s feature. The song peaked at number 36 on the UK Asian (OCC) chart. The director of the song was Deep Jandu.

Karan Aujla has done a few more things with Deep Jandu. He sang “Rim vs Jhanjhar” on the Royal Music Gang’s label and “No Need” on the banner of Rehaan Records.

He did many more things under the banner of Rehaan Records – Don’t Worry. Don’t Look, Hair, 2 AM, Hint, Chitta Kurta, Jhanjar, Sheikh, Let ’em Play, etc.

Each of his songs took a position in different festivals of the world. In addition to these songs, his songs So Far, “Haan Haige Aa, Kya Baat Aa, Koka vs Coca, Hukam set world records.

‘Haan Haige Aa’ was featured by Gurlez Akhtar, and ‘Hukam’ was featuring by Gianimane.

Singer Karan Aujla mp3 songs:

Song Title Release year Label
Golgappe vs Daaru 2017 Rehaan Records
Weak point 2018 Rehaan Records
6 Bandeh 2018 Rehaan Records
Deal 2019 Royal Music Gang
Manja 2019 Rehaan Records
President 2019 Rehaan Records
Mafia 2019 Rehaan Records


After a long time, “THAA KARKE” has revived the world of music. I hope you will enjoy this upcoming song very

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