Frequently asked concerns about dual research. Which dual courses of study are provided?

In cooperation with dual universities and vocational academies, Commerzbank offers the following qualifications or

Can I decide my spot of study?

The study areas are firmly assigned to our corporate divisions or regions. Example: You apply to get a dual study system “Bachelor of Arts” for the branch region, you reside in Magdeburg and state “Magdeburg” because the area of one’s decision. Your location of study would then be Berlin, where you study at the University of Economics and Law.

What will be the requirements for a dual study plan? For all dual courses of study, the Abitur or complete technical college entrance qualification (not only the college portion) is the standard requirement. The grade point average is based on the requirements with the respective university. You need to have decent grades in mathematics, German and English. But school grades alone aren’t anything. What else is very important and further beneficial information could be found on our web page “Dual Degree Programs”.

Can I apply to get a dual degree program having a completed coaching course? Yes it really is conceivable. I dropped out of my studies – can I nonetheless apply for Commerzbank’s dual study programs?

Dropouts are welcome to apply to us. As an example, when you’ve got dropped out of a teaching degree, you possibly can apply to Commerzbank to get a dual study program in applied IT.

Right after the dual study system, we’ll work with you to locate one of the best way rephrase machine for you to start off your profession at Commerzbank: You may raise with your bachelor’s degree, as an example, in searching right after private, business or corporate prospects or in fascinating specialist jobs at our headquarters.

And if the bachelor’s degree is just not sufficient for you personally and also you nevertheless have your academic profession If you would like to continue top, you could then also become part of the study groups in the course of your master? S degree – our profession plan accompanying your research!

Step: Choice interview. Soon after the phone interview, you will get to know one another personally inside the choice interview. For this https://www.rephraser.net/paraphrase-website-list-of-top-free-tools/ objective, we choose to invite you towards the area of one’s selection, which you specified within your application. In case you are mobile as well as your schedule will not match differently, we may well also invite you to a neighboring area. Within this case, please get in touch with our applicant hotline for information about potential alternative dates in neighboring regions. You possibly can attain our hotline absolutely free of charge on 0800 1 010159 (Monday – Friday eight: 00 a.m. – four: 30 p.m.). Please confirm your participation by email. In case you do not have time that day, we will operate with you to find an option date. The selection http://rogersgroup.northwestern.edu/ interview provides you and us the chance to acquire to know one another better. It consists of two components: a detailed one-on-one interview with executives as well as a role play, in which a standard predicament in your desired job is simulated. There is also sufficient time for your questions to us. When you’ve got convinced us, you are going to in most cases acquire a firm commitment promptly around the same day, that will be followed by the final contract inside the following weeks. If your profile will not match our requirements, we will clarify the causes in detail. Vital: This feedback represents our point of view, but every company has its personal criteria. Our feedback can give you crucial ideas for the subsequent job interview.

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