At 62 , Karan Wahi’s mother, Wahi Veena lost her 18kgs weight during the lockdown!

Wahi Veena lost her 18kgs weight during the lockdown at age of 62!

Karan Wahi share his mother’s impressive weight loss story. Karan Wahi’s mother Wahi Veena is a 62 years old woman. As this stage, she worked hard and lost his 18kgs weight!
Karan Wahi posted a photo of his mother before and after weight loss. His given caption at Instagram is given below:

Whole world facing the Corona virus problem, most of cities are locked down. In this critical situation, peoples couldn’t able to maintain their routine. But Wahi Veena makes an sign by losing her weight during this period. Wahi Veena shared a video that was the hard working and active life style of his mother but it was due to hypothyroid. She lost his 18kgs weight with in only 4 months!

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