5 Tips for Packing Up a Cardboard Box

It can be upsetting when your belongings are damaged in a move. Thankfully, by using the appropriate packing techniques, you can reduce the risk of damage.

With hese suggestions, you’ll be able to pack things up without a problem.

  1. Cushion the Box’s Bottom

Don’t place items inside Gaylord boxes until you’ve added some sort of cushion to the box, such as packing peanuts or newspaper. That way, there will be some extra protection for the items you’re packing up.

  1. Start with the Heaviest Items

The first items that should be placed in a box are the heaviest items that you need to pack up. Not only can this prevent light items from being crushed, but it can provide a sturdy base for the rest of the items you pack.

  1. Wrap Fragile Items for Extra Protection

Whenever you pack something that’s delicate, such as items made out of glass or china, the item should be wrapped up for protection. If you don’t wrap these items before you pack them up, they could easily be broken when the box is jostled.

  1. Carefully Secure the Box with Packing Tape

Make sure that your box is taped up securely. It’s best to use packing tape if possible. If the tape you used wasn’t made for cardboard boxes, it could come off while the box is being moved.

Furthermore, it’s best to tape the box at both the bottom and the top. Even if the bottom of the box seems like it’s sealed, there’s a chance that your boxes will tip over at some point in the moving process. If the bottom isn’t sealed shut, some of your things could spill out.

  1. Make Sure Boxes Are Properly Labeled

Clearly label every box that you pack. Write down the room that the item belongs in. Doing this will help you stay organized, and it will also help you to unpack more quickly.

You may also want to use some sort of numbering system so that you know how many boxes belong there. That way, it’ll be easy to see what’s been lost.

However, you shouldn’t list everything you’ve packed in a box on the label. If thieves see your boxes, these kinds of labels will let them know what to seal. Instead, just write the room the items belong in.

Make Sure You Securely Pack Cardboard Boxes

A move can be a big hassle, but you can make things easier for yourself by making sure that your belongings are protected and that none of your items are lost.

Make sure you choose sturdy boxes, and pack them lightly enough that you’ll be able to move the box once it’s been filled. Avoid stuffing too many items into a box. If items are made from delicate materials, they should be wrapped up individually for extra protection.

When you know that your things are properly cared for, you’ll have peace of mind. You’ll know that all of your things will be safe during your move.

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