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Zuckerberg on the future: we need a new goal

Цукерберг о будущем: нам необходимы новые цели

Mark Zuckerberg is 12 years after admission received an honorary degree from Harvard University. During his speech at graduation, he shared his parting words and visions of how to change the world in the future.

Zuckerberg emphasized the importance of life goals. The goal is the feeling that we are part of something bigger that we need, what we aspire to something important. We feel really happy only when we in life has a purpose.

He is not just advised the graduates to find their purpose — millenials actually tend to do instinctively. He believes that finding your purpose is not enough that the task of our generation to create a world where everyone feels needed.

When issued, our parents, everything was simple: they found purpose in work, religion, the collective. But today, when jobs are declining due to technology and automation, many feel their isolation, uselessness and try to fill that void in any way.

Our society has continued to evolve, we need to create not only new jobs but also new goals.

Mark Zuckerberg

3 ways to create a world where everyone feels needed

1. Together to do big important projects

Every generation has large projects such as manned flight into space or the construction of hydroelectric power. They give a sense of the importance not only engaged people, but also the whole country.

Perhaps many people think: “But I don’t know how to build a power plant or to captivate millions of people with his idea.” But here’s the secret: nobody knows in the beginning. Ideas do not come to mind fully formed. They become clear only when we are working.

Movies and pop culture has mislead us: faith at the moment of illumination is a dangerous lie. She made us feel inferior, if not experienced such insight. She does not give a person with the beginnings of a good idea to take up the case. And you know what else the movies are wrong? Nobody writes math formulas on the glass. This is absurd.

We are so afraid to make mistakes, we prefer to ignore the problems caused by our inaction.

Of course, our deed will have an effect on the future. But this does not mean that we should not try.

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“What are we waiting for? — asks Zuckerberg. — It’s time for our generation to do something useful for society. How about to stop climate change, we have not yet destroyed the planet, and to start mass production and installation of solar panels? Or to attract volunteers who will share their health information, and to cure all diseases? Today, we spend 50 times more to treat patients, not to prevent disease. Or upgrade democracy so everyone can vote online, and to individualize the approach to education so everyone can learn?”

Zuckerberg believes that these goals can be achieved, and advises to undertake large initiatives to not only progress, but also to create a sense of common objectives.

2. Bring equality to a new level, so everyone was free to search his goal

Before the majority had a stable job, today all aspire to entrepreneurship. And that’s good, because the culture of entrepreneurship helps us to make progress. But it thrives only when everyone can try to bring their new ideas to life.

Unfortunately, in our society very high level of economic inequality, and it hurts everybody. We too overestimate success and make enough to give everyone the opportunity again and again to try to implement their ideas. But the success just comes when we are free to make mistakes.

I know many entrepreneurs, but I don’t know one person who decided not to start a business, because it may not bring enough income. But I know many people who have not even tried to realize their dream, because they had no financial cushion in case of failure.

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg believes that the progress of society should be judged not only on economic indicators like GDP, but by how many people are aware of themselves as necessary and important. He believes that we need to consider the idea of an unconditional basic income, so that everyone had the opportunity to try something new. And since we often change jobs, we need affordable system of childcare facilities and healthcare.

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“Of course, the creation of equal opportunities for all cannot be free. People like me should invest money in it. And for those of you who will succeed, too. We therefore Priscilla founded the society Chan Zuckerberg Initiative,” says Zuckerberg.

But money is not everything. You can donate your time. Even an hour or two a week is enough to help someone reach their potential.

3. To unite people all over the world

In one study of millenials around the world have asked what is the basis of their identity. The most popular answer was not “nationality”, “religion” or “ethnicity”, and “citizen of the world”. And this is very important. Each generation expands the circle of people, who says his. For us it is now part of the world.

We understand that there is great promise and great problems require a global approach: no country will be able to cope with climate change or prevent a massive epidemic. Progress now requires the cooperation not only of cities and Nations but the entire world community.

Of course, we live in uncertain times. And to many people around the world, globalization has not yet reached. But it’s hard to worry about the people on the other end of the world, when we are concerned about the difficulties in their country. This is the challenge of our time: the confrontation of freedom, open-mindedness, global society and authoritarianism, isolationism, nationalism. This is not a confrontation of Nations, and the confrontation of ideas.

And this problem is not resolved at the UN summit. It should be resolved at the local level, when a sufficient number of people will gain a sense of purpose and stability in your own life to start worrying about everyone else.

Even global change begins with small things — with people like you and me.

So the opportunity to realize their big plans and to make progress depends on one thing — from our ability to unite and work together to create a world where each person has the feeling of being wanted.

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