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“You don’t look disabled. Shame on you!”

"Ты не похожа на инвалида! Позор тебе!"

A bunch of insults got the girl, left the car in the Parking lot for the disabled. Photo of his car she posted on Twitter, stickers appeared just a few hours while she went to classes at the University.

The initiators were the activists of the analog “Stopham”. In one of the stickers it was reported that they watched the behavior of the girl, she looked too healthy to be disabled.

The contents of the labels was extremely offensive: “Shame on you! There are real disabled people who need this place. We saw you and your friend came and went, and neither one of you was not a hint of limitations. Your sticker on disability — fake or obtained a bribe. We will make every effort to ensure that you fined or evacuated for the fact that you are so terribly selfish”.
Or: “Shame on you!” and “actually, I’m not disabled, just lazy”.

The police were wrong, the girl admitted that he is sick with cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy in the US it is the basis for inclusion in the category of people with disabilities. Netizens srzu also came to the defense of the girl.

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“Watch out for these places when it is parked, to understand who is involved in this garbage”.


"Ты не похожа на инвалида! Позор тебе!"


“Violence is not the answer, except when it is the answer”."Ты не похожа на инвалида! Позор тебе!"


“These men also thought that administering justice when glued their leaflets.
But they did it. They are followed by people with disabilities and pounced on them because they haven’t looked as “limited”. They know not what they do”.


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"Ты не похожа на инвалида! Позор тебе!"


After such cases, I have even more questions to Stepanova and similar activists. Why not just call the police, deciding to be civil initiative? We, too, are full of cases where overly “responsible” citizens decide to deal with the troublemakers. Ends, as a rule, showdowns, and in some cases serious health threats. There are also adequate methods of struggle – staviti order number of the machine on a special website and receive confirmation on the legality of occupied space, for example.


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