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Wonder woman Gal gadot – the most famous Israeli in the world

Чудо-женщина Галь Гадот - самая известная израильтянка в мире

Чудо-женщина Галь Гадот - самая известная израильтянка в миреIn may of this year carried out a sociological study among the world’s Internet users, in which they were asked to answer the question, whom they consider to be the world’s most popular Israelite or an Israelite. The absolute victory in the rating was won by actress and model Gal gadot.

95% support, and only 1% strongly negative attitude – a positive attitude is generally very rare in sociological research, Oh and in relation to Jewish and even more so. What is this wonder woman who managed to conquer the whole world?

Actually wonder woman she has become recently, starring in the popular fantasy “Batman vs. Superman”. And before that it was the ordinary girl from the small Israeli town of Rosh haayin.

Little Princess

Gal gadot was born in the family, very far from art. Her father was an engineer, mother worked as a school teacher. They lived in the Central district of Israel in a big and friendly family. In the Jewish tradition, generally laid closely to maintain ancestral ties. In the case of family Gadot, this tradition was particularly strong. One of the grandfathers Gaal during the Second world war passed through the camp. His stories about the Holocaust, and the suffering that Jewish people went through in Europe, very family rallied around the idea of uriticaria. So parents Gadot voluntarily went through all the stages of uriticaria and even changed his westernized name Grinste on Jewish – Gadot (Hebrew – of the river).

Чудо-женщина Галь Гадот - самая известная израильтянка в мире

When the family girl – a little Princess – she also decided to give the “water name”. Gal in Hebrew means “wave”.

In the veins of Gadoev are mixed a lot of blood. Among their ancestors Jews from the Netherlands, Austria, Germany. But still they consider themselves the true Israelites and are confident that the establishment of a Jewish state is compensation for all the hardships that befell the Jews in the Nazi era. Uriticaria – their contribution in the service of his people.

In a word, ruled in the family very strict rules. However, his little Princess, Gal, parents were allowed many liberties. Especially when I moved to tel Aviv. Gal played sports, was fond of riding a motorcycle and have always been very modern girl.

Чудо-женщина Галь Гадот - самая известная израильтянка в мире

School Gal enrolled in a course on biology. Looking for himself at this time. The lessons in class, then playing volleyball, tennis, and after that choreography. Gal has not been able to define their priorities. One time she was so fond of dancing that he even decided to become a choreographer, then she wanted to go to law school. On the path of movie star life pushed her, and quite by accident.

The most beautiful girl of Israel

Colorful and very attractive appearance of the girl had early attracted the attention of the managers of castings of various beauty contests and model agencies. And in the end, when Gadot was 18, she decided to try herself in the contest Miss Israel – 2004. The search itself lasted, and Gal participated in the beauty contest was just a fun, fun game. So her surprise knew no bounds when she put on his head the crown of the winner.

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Чудо-женщина Галь Гадот - самая известная израильтянка в мире

Of course, that Gadot from all sides showered with offers from local Israeli fashion magazines. But she was in no hurry to take their suggestions, because it was ahead of the Miss universe contest, held that year in Ecuador.

I must say that to win Gadot has failed. Not enough experience, of course. It was not included even in the TOP 15 models and bought a plane ticket to tel Aviv.

Чудо-женщина Галь Гадот - самая известная израильтянка в мире

However, to call it a failure part in the world competition is impossible. The girl was noticed by representatives of many international brands and fashion houses. And Gadot literally showered with offers of work.

But all this running on the track of success Gadot had to be temporarily suspended. It, like all women of Israel, was called up for 2 years in the army.


You never know where you will find where you lose. On the one hand, service in the army took from Gal gadot two years of free life. On the other, it was an experience that, strangely enough, were useful to her in life.

Gadot served as a fitness instructor in the Army to protect Israel, the IDF. She has repeatedly said in many interviews that the army really is a good thing. It is, of course, takes away your freedom, but teaches discipline and respect. And this is very important.

Чудо-женщина Галь Гадот - самая известная израильтянка в мире

In the Israeli army, Gal learned how to handle weapons. And she had no idea when he learned to shoot that due to this his ability will get the role in the film, which will make her famous.

<q>to Protect the world our sacred mission – that I’m going to do</q>

These words she says later in the film that made her famous.

Service in the army gave Gadot and another opportunity she discovered her way into glossy magazines.

Just at the time when Gal served in the leadership of the Israeli army are puzzled by the need to promote military service for women. The guide was born the idea to show the world that a woman does not cease to be a woman just because it wears a military uniform. And they invited the famous men’s magazine Maxim for photo shoots of female soldiers. Gal gadot, of course, was among the participants. Her image in the globe-flower and Golden studs on the grey parapet of the skyscraper has been a lot of discussion. Photo caption reads: “I help men in the Israeli army to lose weight”.

Чудо-женщина Галь Гадот - самая известная израильтянка в мире

Of course, the text is provocative, but the photo was a success. So, the magazine invited to the photo shoot Gal gadot again, but not as a soldier of the IDF, as Hollywood stars.

Way in the movie

After serving in the army Gal gadot tried again, after failing in his youth, to become a lawyer and enrolled in the course law in College in Herzliya. But if not destiny – means, not destiny.

During the study it was suddenly invited to play in the drama of the Israeli TV series “Bubot”. The project was so impressed Gadot that she understood: a lawyer from her work, and went to conquer Hollywood.

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Чудо-женщина Галь Гадот - самая известная израильтянка в мире

Surprisingly quickly, she managed to get to the casting, where they selected candidates for the role of girlfriend 007 for the filming of a new episode.

The battle for the role Gadot lost the famous Ukrainian Olga Kurylenko. However, it was noticed by Directors, and very soon was invited to the casting of the film “fast and the furious-4”.

Make-up and a new way young brutal girls, a virtuoso with weapons, insanely came Gal gadot. The passion of her youth – motorcycle service in the army, where she learned to handle weapons, give her a substantial bonus before the competition. The role was her, and shooting in this film did Gal gadot famous.

Чудо-женщина Галь Гадот - самая известная израильтянка в мире

Game aspiring actress liked the filmmakers, and invited her to star in the next two parts.

This was the start I was looking for Gadot. Followed by a role in “fast and Furious” offers to play in movies was a lot. In 2010, she worked for the Cameron Diaz and Tom cruise in “Knight and day” and “date night”. In parallel, many appeared in advertising of famous brands.

2016-th year became a career Gal gadot. She was invited to star in the action-fantasy “Batman vs. Superman”.

Чудо-женщина Галь Гадот - самая известная израильтянка в мире

Initially, she came to audition for the role of Catwoman. The role was a cameo in the film. But the Directors saw it as wonder woman the warrior.

Gal gadot coped brilliantly with the role, perfectly coordinated with partners on the set of Henry Cavill and Ben Applicom. That’s why the filmmakers invited her to take part in the next sequel, which will be dedicated only Wonder woman. In fact, the film itself is called by the name of the main character – “Wonder woman”.

Immediately after the shooting, Gadot went on a tour, presenting the new film to the public. But not everyone embraced it work positively. In Lebanon, the leading permanent war with Israel, launched a propaganda war against the film just because of the fact that it in the role of a woman warrior starred the Israeli held serve in the army, the IDF. However, the dog barks, but the caravan moves on.

After starring in “Wonder woman” from Israel Gal gadot was known and loved throughout the world.

Personal happiness

Gal gadot, unlike many of her colleagues at the kinoolimp, managed not just to do film career and create a happy family. In 2008, she married Israeli businessman Yaron Versano, and in 2011 the family had a daughter Alma.

Чудо-женщина Галь Гадот - самая известная израильтянка в мире

It is important to say that the family and child do not interfere Gadot in her professional career. She continues to play.

In 2016, came out of an action movie “criminal” with the participation of Gal gadot and Kevin Kestner, 2017- “Wonder woman” with Gal in the lead role. By the end of the year we expect another premiere – “the justice League”.

So a young actress congratulated on the successful world premiere of the film “Wonder woman”.

Чудо-женщина Галь Гадот - самая известная израильтянка в мире

On the towers says “Proud of you, Gal gadot! Wonder woman is ours!”.

Always happy and cheerful. Charming and attractive Gal promises that viewers are in for many pleasant surprises.

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