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Women live longer, and science really does not know why

Worldwide women live longer than men. This biological advantage may be due to their dominant role in reproduction, writes the journalist of Le Figaro, Anne of Prigen.

To hope for membership in the club “superstrata”, it is better to be a woman. The advantage of this so-called weaker sex in the longevity observed worldwide, and its origins lie from the sex hormones. More precisely, from the of estrogen. It is already known that estrogens protect women from cardiovascular disease until menopause, but they will also protect the telomeres, according to research presented at the Congress on the menopause, a Professor of psychiatry at the University of San Francisco Elissa EPEL.

Telomeres consist of specialized linear chromosomal DNA, they protect the end portions of our chromosomes, ensuring the maintenance of genome integrity during cell division, the article says. Unfortunately, over time, the telomeres wear down and become shortened.

For several years it is known that in women, the telomeres are usually longer than men. “Telomeres 50-year-old woman is equivalent to telomeres 42-year-old men,” – says Professor Atanas Benetos, head of the geriatric service of the hospital centre in Nancy and a researcher at the National Institute of health and medical research (INSERM).

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According to Elissa, EPEL, this feature can be explained by the action of estrogen, the author notes. Professor Benetos rejects this hypothesis. He explains that there would have to accelerate wear of telomeres after menopause due to lack of estrogen. “But it’s not. Our studies allow us to adhere to another hypothesis, according to which the length of our telomeres is concentrated in the first years of life according to an unknown reason,” insists a French specialist.

The longevity of women, therefore, cannot be reduced simply to a hormonal issue. It’s undoubtedly more difficult, the author of the article.

The biological advantage of women comes mainly from their role in reproduction. Women give birth to children and had, throughout their evolution, directly to accompany them during the first years of life to ensure their survival until adult age, the article says. “This is true for all animal species. Longevity is always on the side of the one who works with children and protects them,” said Professor Jean-Marie Robin, the team leader biogeographically studies the longevity and viability of the INSERM.

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Women still have a genetic advantage, thanks to two X-chromosomes if the mutation will affect one of the genes on one X chromosome, the other will allow you to balance it, the author writes. “You can choose healthier gene, is another matter, and males are XY chromosomes,” says Atanas Benes.

Lower growth of women also is to their benefit. “It’s a biological advantage adds up to nearly two years,” emphasizes Jean-Marie Robin.

Innate biological advantages are too weak defense in front of the face of tobacco, alcohol or any other hostile environment, it concludes Prigan.

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