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With the elections all clear. The Russians don’t want to be extras in a political show.

С выборами все понятно. Россияне больше не хотят быть статистами в политическом шоу.

Judging by the record low turnout, the Russians don’t want to be extras in a political show “Game in democracy”. But the ruling party still considers the apathy of the voters trump.

In 16 regions of Russia on the eve of choosing governors. Surprises had been committed — always won in advance “fixed” by the authorities candidates. But attention was attracted to the municipal elections in Moscow. Active part they took “Apple”, which moved a number of public men whose names were previously associated with the party were not. Across the country observed a near-record voter apathy. In Vladivostok and in Moscow, the turnout did not reach 15%.

Overall in Moscow, won the “United Russia”. The party in power can obtain to 1 thousand 150 seats. Representation of other parliamentary parties — the Communist party, a just Russia, the liberal democratic party — has fallen sharply, however, “Apple” suddenly intensified, collecting voices of the opposition coalition. The party won in the elections in Moscow 181 parliamentary mandate in the 51st district. Member of political Council of movement “Solidarity” Ilya Yashin even called the results of voting in some areas, “the complete defeat of United Russia”. The opposition started talking about the possibility of nominating its candidate for the mayoral election.

However, their enthusiasm was cooled by the Chairman of Mothersurname Valentin Gorbunov, said that after the elections none of the parties except the “United Russia”, will not be able to overcome the municipal filter to participate in the elections of the mayor. To be able to nominate a candidate, “Apple” had to have their candidates in 109 districts.

Political analyst Dmitry Puchkin sure that the election results on 10 September will be announced “triumph “United Russia””. In his opinion, “the victory EP” will help Vladimir Putin “to decide on participation in presidential election” because of the Governor’s voters voted for his appointees. Moreover, the “confidence” voters will allow United Russia to ask the President to go for a new term of the independent candidate and the ruling party. The parliamentary party will resent individual violations and threaten complaints.

“Monday is not over, and the main show will be in the evening, presenters Solovyov and many others. The behavior of all actors, including party leaders, I had previously predicted. But it is easy to predict because the behavior of many of them always repeats itself”, — said Dmitry Puchkin.

According to the expert, the intrigue this year made only the activity of the liberal opposition in the capital. “The liberal opposition will comment on elections in Moscow. Well, there have results are normal. The only thing I don’t understand is why Alexei Navalny is so little comment on this campaign. In my opinion, it was a tactical error,” otmetilis Dmitry Puchkin.

The analyst Abbas Gallyamov noticed that in the elections of subjects of the Russian Federation have been relatively few violations, with the exception of a few regions. “In this sense, the Kremlin has succeeded. In fact, to rig the elections there was no need because the strong, resource rivals able to hold a powerful protest campaign, they were not allowed”, — said Gallyamov.

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“Judging by the dismissal of the mayor of Saratov, the Kremlin is unhappy with the voting results, and attempts to rig the elections. I hope that the Saratov follow Barnaul and Vladivostok”, — said the analyst.

Indeed, Valery Sheds, as stated by the head of the region, resigned as the head of Saratov from-for violations in the voting process. “The city had a lot of issues in the campaign, and the mayor decided to resign,” — said the acting Governor of Saratov region Valery Radaev. Plenipotentiary representative of the Communist party Alexei Krasnov said that the elections in Saratov resembled Armageddon.

Meanwhile, Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov, in his comments fell upon the outcome of the elections in Mordovia. In this country, according to official data, voted by 82% of voters, which vote for the incumbent head of the region Vladimir Volkov gave 89%. “We believe that it makes no sense to recognize the elections in Mordovia. We already addressed to the colleagues in the “United Russia”, and others to form a Commission to investigate all the crimes that are being carried out in the Republic. I think it is time to invite in the Duma of the head of Mordovia and to ask him to the fullest extent of the law why these elections were turned into tyranny and massacre,” said Zyuganov.

Press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation officially informed about the initiation of at least one criminal case under the article “Falsification of election documents” in the capital of Mordovia Saransk.

“I know that the investigators worked in two sections. The first is the PEC # 552 in the former cinema “Babe”, and the second is the PEC № 527″ — said the Secretary of the Republican Committee of the Communist party Mikhail Malygin.

According to the press service of the Mordovian regional Committee of the Communist party, at PEC No. 552 was recorded case of transmission of multiple ballot papers for stuffing. At polling station № 527 1-St Secretary of the Mordovian Republican Committee of the Communist party, Deputy of the state Assembly of the Republic of Valentina Zaitseva and her assistant Vadim Piksaikin infiltrated the company “karuselschikov” of 30 people. The attackers, mistaking them for associates, presented the ballots ticking. When the land law enforcement officers arrived, they found the room “karuselschikov” 68 the ballots ticking for the candidate from “ER.”

A lot of media attention was paid to the situation with the elections in the Sverdlovsk region. Mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman, who was not allowed to pass through the municipal filter, called to boycott the elections. Following the vote, the voter turnout was about 37%, and in Yekaterinburg — only 22%. For the acting Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev voted, according to official data, about 62% of voters came to the polls. This is one of the lowest results in the gubernatorial election, even though the region has taken unprecedented measures to increase turnout.

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Despite the relatively low percentage, the head of Sverdlovsk region Kuyvashev can be satisfied with the results of the elections, said political analyst Yevgeny Potapov. “The fact that in Yekaterinburg there will be a low turnout, but the current acting Governor will get a low percentage, it was completely predictable. The victory was “stretched” at the expense of the region. What no second round, allows formally to assume that everything was “good and beautiful”. Happened exactly what was shown in polls. Therefore, Yevgeny Kuyvashev, there is no reason for moral suffering,” said Eugene Potapov.

In General, the Affairs of the party in power in the Urals are not very positive, which is clearly shown by the results of the vote in the city Duma of the city of Asbestos. 11 of the 21 seats will go to candidates from the Communist party. Still a few seats were won by representatives “Fair Russia”, the liberal democratic party and independents. “United Russia” managed to hold the city Duma only two candidates.

The defeat of the “United Russia” on elections in the Asbestos happened because people are tired of government “strong business executives”, said the Deputy Gordumy Natalia Krylova. “The last 17 years, the Duma Asbestos by a majority of votes belonged to the plant “Uralasbest”. The whole town worked for the city-forming enterprise, and voted for the “respectable” heads of departments. In the Duma was the factory Director, the Director of the motor company and their subordinates. They worked bad. Well, you can imagine: is the Director asbestosattorney factory there is no work and so much free time that he went to Parliament and, moreover, became Chairman of the budget Committee? Of course, such a choice no time initiatives, he does not show and does not work as the Deputy. Over the last decade and a half the city fell into disrepair, the land and the property sold for pennies, for nothing, left and right. But reduced tax rates on land under industrial enterprises and taken other unpopular decisions,” said Natalya Krylova.

According to the Deputy, now “business executives” was replaced by public figures. “I want to clarify that this is not the brand of the Communist party defeated the “United Russia”. As they say, won “team Krylova”. Won leaders of public opinion,” said Natalya Krylova.

Pleased with the election results already announced his triumph, unhappy — infringement claim, which prevented their victory. However, those who had a reasonable ambition and could become a serious player in the political field, was not even allowed to participate in elections.

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