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Will the newly elected Monday nominated opposition candidate?

Помогут ли новоизбранные мундепы выдвинуться оппозиционному кандидату?

The municipal councils will operate 267 deputies, who were supported by the team of Dmitry Gudkov and Maxim Katz. This was reported on the website of the “United Democrats”. For many, the success of such number of independent candidates was a complete surprise, but in order to help the opposition candidate pass the municipal filter in the mayoral, this may not be enough.

Filter insurmountable without the signature of United Russia

Practice passing the municipal filter, collecting signatures of deputies for the elections of heads of regions came in 2012 together with the restoration of gubernatorial elections.

In order for the opposition candidate was able to participate in elections of the mayor of Moscow, it is necessary to overcome the municipal filter, i.e. to collect more than 6% of signatures of municipal deputies in three districts of Moscow, and it’s 109 districts (all in Moscow 146 municipalities).

To participate in the mayoral campaign of the “United Democrats” fails to comply with the necessary quantitative criterion, but fails the second condition of the problem, MPs, supported by Gudkov, submitted less than 70 areas, far from the required number.

Open Russia has talked to an expert of the Association “for fair elections” by Arkady Lyubarev about the role of the municipal filter in the upcoming elections of the Moscow mayor and possible strategies in the mayoral campaign for the opposition.

“For the past campaign has shown him (municipal filter. — Open Russia) are undemocratic and Pamfilova ready to change, and Kiriyenko has already spoken in this direction. It is hoped that there will be changes, because the whole experience since 2012, each campaign shows that he actually insurmountable without the signature of United Russia. And the United Russia party — people are disciplined, they put their signatures for the one they specify,” — said the expert.

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Lyubarev said that the municipal filter on the formal side — a rather transparent, but with the actual hand, this practice includes shadow agreements that cannot be controlled.

“Formally, the filter is quite transparent in the sense that it is known which MPs have signed up, all of these lists are published. The actual opacity is that we don’t know what motives they had, why they had signed up for one or the other, says lyubarev. — There is information about how it is going: municipal deputies collected, taken to the notary where they sign. They don’t even always know who subscribe. Signatures are given to technical candidates, unknown, from unknown parties. It does not get signatures this competition.”

Lyubarev reminded that in Moscow it is necessary to observe two requirements to pass the municipal filter:

“First, you need to collect a certain percentage, it will be placed. Can be set from 5 to 10 percent of the total number of deputies, the region chooses. This is a fairly brutal filter. It still adds the requirement that these members represent at least three quarters of all municipalities. Even if the percentage is sufficient, but there will be ¾ of the districts represented, the filter can not be overcome”.

If there is a team to prevent the election, then the signature will give

Speaking about the future mayoral campaign in 2018, in which, perhaps, will participate Dmitry Gudkov, lyubarev said that Tom will have to negotiate with the government:

“Most likely, will have to negotiate with the deputies from “United Russia”, these deputies quite a lot, that is, to negotiate with the government. And the government, as she wants to, and go. You may not agree. In 2013, apparently, the command was given to allow Navalny and helped him. If now the same team to prevent Gudkov before the election, he will give a signature and let that happen. And never think Sobyanin is that he doesn’t need a rival, so he will have signatures, he will not be able to participate. As I could not attend Roizman (from the “Apple” in the Sverdlovsk region. — Open Russia), Markhayev (from the Communist party in Buryatia. — Open Russia) this time.”

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Another potential solution which would allow opposition candidates to participate in elections of the mayor of Moscow, could be the abolition of the municipal filter.

“The abolition of the municipal filter is a decision to be taken at the Federal level, it will advance up. If they now start to discuss it, maybe sometime in the spring the decision was taken, the law will be changed. If the law is changed then there will be agreement at this level that someone will give the command to subscribe for Gudkov says lyubarev. — If hooters is still unknown. As I understand it, they Mitrokhin continues over who will go.”

Elections to municipal assemblies of Moscow took place on 10 September in the 125 municipalities of the city. The winners divided between a 1502’s mandate, including 267 mandates went to candidates supported by Gudkov. Among the parties most representatives of the “United Russia” (1151 mandate) and “Apple” (177 seats), followed by independents (108 seats).

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