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Wife of the richest Ukrainian men. Photo

Супруги самых богатых украинских мужчин. ФотоThe rich and beautiful.

Everybody knows that rich men choose their favorite women, just as choosing thoroughbred horses. However, to be a favorite for many not an end in itself. The wider objective is, of course, to become the oligarch of the second half.

Who are these beautiful and probably the smartest women and how they ended up in such a direct and formal proximity to the richest men of Ukraine talks in your photo shoot.


Супруги самых богатых украинских мужчин. Фото

Not so long ago, the wife of a millionaire Mohammad Zahoor singer Kamaliya first showed to the public two of his daughters, Mirabel and Arabella. She gave birth to daughters in mid-September 2013. Before the singer was hiding a picture of them, not to jinx it.

Except for the kids, Internet users also noted the excellent form of Kamaliya. Pregnancy, childbirth and care of babies did not affect her beauty.

Marina Sventitsky

Супруги самых богатых украинских мужчин. Фото

The wife of a millionaire and banker Alexander Yaroslavskiy, whose fortune reaches $ 774 million, Marina Sventitsky root Kharkov and in the past was a model.

However, friends of the Marina noted that the podium – it was more of her hobby. The girl was very serious about their studies. In 2006, the Marina received the title of second Vice-Queen of Kharkov.

Then, at 18 years of age met with a businessman Yaroslavsky. Behind Alexander’s had two marriage, but Marina loved him.

For the first time in public, the couple appeared officially in 2010. The age difference is 29 years old not prevent Alexander and Marina. Together they are raising two children, which the model gave her husband.

Martov live in the village, Kharkiv region, where the millionaire a huge house and farm. Marina herself rarely appears in public and all time devotes to children.

Oksana Marchenko

Супруги самых богатых украинских мужчин. Фото

The wife of a millionaire (as high as $ 234 million) and the politician Viktor Medvedchuk and Oksana Marchenko in recent years, relentlessly criticized the Ukrainians – all because of the Russian godfather.

Oksana is a radical from Kiev, at the age of 19 began her career on television. With her first husband, she did not work, but 16 years ago at the ceremony “person of the year”, she met with a lawyer and businessman Viktor Medvedchuk.

4 years later the pair married. In politics the woman was trying not to interfere, but focused on the TV – was leading its own projects, was leading the show.

Together with Medvedchuk they have a son Oksana from his first marriage – Bogdan and combines with Victor’s daughter Darya, who baptized Vladimir Putin.

Elena Pinchuk

Супруги самых богатых украинских мужчин. Фото

The wife of a millionaire Viktor Pinchuk, whose fortune reaches more than $ 1.5 billion. Elena Pinchuk is the daughter of the second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma.

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A physicist and economist by profession, Elena worked for several years Manager of leading Ukrainian companies from “Privat” to “Kyivstar”.

Was married to businessman Igor Franchuk, and after the divorce, she married philanthropist and businessman Victor Pinchuk, has created his own charitable Foundation and is included in the ranking of the most influential women of Ukraine.

Married to philanthropist Elena gave birth to two daughters, whom educates together with his son from his first marriage. The woman does not like to give interviews and not too advertise in the press my personal life.

However, occasionally there are news – for example, about buying Elena a mansion in London for £ 80 million. Such a purchase she shocked Britons and established the record price for the British real estate.

Alina Zhevago

Супруги самых богатых украинских мужчин. Фото

Konstantin Zhevago, the Ukrainian billionaire. According to various estimates, his fortune is $ 1.1 billion But his wife Alina (pictured right – Ed.) working regular lecturer at the chair of international management at Kiev economic University.

However, this does not prevent the wife of the oligarch to lead a certain lifestyle: Alina appears at parties, fashion shows, exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Together the couple has a son and a daughter.

Nadezhda Shalomova

Супруги самых богатых украинских мужчин. Фото

The wife of a millionaire and the head of administration of President Boris Lozhkin (fortune is estimated at $ 126 million) Nadezhda Shalomova is a professional journalist and publisher.

Couple met in Kharkov, where Hope began her career as a journalist, Boris founded his own newspaper. After a few years, Lozhkin and Shalomova released a joint newspaper “Telenedelya”, which is currently sold in Ukraine. After marriage the couple went to conquer the capital, and then created one of the largest holdings – “UMH”.

Now the Hope is in our husband’s shadow-politics. Actively involved in charity work – in may, the Fund of Boris Lozhkina, led by the Hope, raised funds for modern cardiology apparatus, by auctioning works of Ukrainian artists.

Hope he enjoys art and has a large collection of paintings. Together the couple has a daughter together.

Zoya Lytvyn

Супруги самых богатых украинских мужчин. Фото

The wife of businessman and MP Vasyl Khmelnytsky (has over $ 800 million) Zoya Litvin model and actress. Couple met at the international festival “Days of Ukraine in France”, where Zoe was a model.

Basil immediately offered to meet, but was refused. And a half years they met again and the businessman made hands beauties.

Now Zoe does charity work – he opened his own school and was a boarding school for children, besides taking an active part in social life. The couple are raising a son together.

Assiya Akhat

Супруги самых богатых украинских мужчин. Фото

The wife of businessman Igor Balenko, who owns a trading network “Furshet” and has a fortune of more than $ 178 million, Assiya Akhat since childhood, studied music. The girl grew up in the capital a family of intellectuals, so to learn to play violin beginning at the age of 5.

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Since 1999, she debuted with her album. Who knows what would have become of her future music career, but a year later she married businessman Igor Balenko.

Met a couple in the underpass – Asiya went to school with the violin in his hands, and Igor bought Newspapers at a kiosk. After marriage, the career of the singer and the violinist went up sharply Asiya has signed some good contracts, released their albums, became a producer. From ACAT has a son from his first marriage and a son from his marriage with Balenko.

Tatiana Ramos

Супруги самых богатых украинских мужчин. Фото

State businessman Igor Voronov is estimated at more than $ 100 million over 10 years Igor is married to model and TV presenter Tatyana Ramus.

She is a professional model, but his career never took seriously. For her it was rather a way to make new friends and business contacts. A businessman met when she was just 17 years old. Got married almost immediately. The man immediately expressed their willingness to invest in the project of his wife.

Since 2008, Tatiana is the transfer of “Pay attention with Tatyana Ramus, and produces a glossy magazine, and runs a programme on the radio. Together, Tatiana and Igor Varnava a daughter from his first marriage and a daughter together.

Zinaida Lihacheva

Супруги самых богатых украинских мужчин. Фото

Few people know that the famous Kiev artist and designer Zinaida Likhacheva is the wife of the odious politician and millionaire Sergey Levochkin, whose wealth exceeds $400 million

Zinaida is quite famous in the circle of artists in Ukraine and abroad. She is a permanent participant of Ukrainian Fashion Week and other shows. However, the wide public it became known two years ago, expressed on his page in social networks to support Euromaidan, while her husband was on the post of head of the presidential Administration.

For her marriage to a millionaire – for the second. Her first husband was engaged in the pharmaceutical business. They say that out of jealousy, Serhiy Lyovochkin took revenge on her ex-husband’s wife in the business. The couple has two children – daughter Zinaida from his first marriage and a son together.

Viktoriya Gumenyuk

Супруги самых богатых украинских мужчин. Фото

The wife of Igor Gumenyuk (has been held for more than $ 100 million) Victoria is better known to the public as the mother of the singer Assol. While her husband earns the money, Victoria does the housework – raising three children, and in recent years is the producer’s daughter Ekaterina Gumenyuk.

An interview with a woman almost never does and secular parties there is seldom trying to be in her husband’s shadow and star’s daughter.

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