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Why would Zuckerberg not to buy uncle Bob a bottle of Hawthorn?

Почему бы Цукербергу не купить дяде Васе флакон Боярышника?

Half the world’s wealth is in the possession of only eight people – they possess the same amount of funds that 3.6 billion people on the planet that make up the poorest half of humanity.

What a Mall! Nothing like this is observed in the borders of our beloved homeland. We have all rich people, as one, committed, humane and willing to share the last shirt with the homeless in the garbage. The hatred of the world capital, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers did a bunch of Russian princes County with their shubohranilischami, airplanes, dogs and pocket state universities family and causing sympathy.

Here it is — the true face of imperialism!

The evil Spaniard Amancio Ortega for over 30 years power makes people all over the world to dress in “Bershka”, and dream to go into a price segment “Zara”.

Real monster business investment Warren Buffett made his first $ 5 in 11 years, having bought and then sold 3 shares on the stock exchange. Already submitted a childhood of jealous haters?

Mexican of Lebanese descent Carlos slim in spirit much closer to the Russian burzhuina. He controls the whole telecommunication business of his country, which his detractors called “Slimlandia” (familiar?), and the time sponsored the presidential campaign. The result is obvious – the protection of the state for many years, cheaply purchased by the company’s competitors in the years of crisis and monopoly in different sectors of the economy.

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Michael Bloomberg, the owner of “Bloomberg”, great spoiled the blood of Russia and its population is steadily lowering the rating of the economy to the level of “junk”. Well, as we can loyal to treat it?

The other 4 of the character list, prepared by Oxfam, ugly cashing in on people’s love for computers and the Internet.

Mark Zuckerberg lured the Russians in a terrible network of Facebook, so much so that they there any the employer can not smoke. The fun of the situation is that on the pages of this Facebook its all great and Sundry, but just to take and not to use his baby is impossible. He also, to further enslave the world, plans to close remote areas of the earth with drones and satellites, not to take money from poor people for the Internet connection. For more of hatred to the “father” of Facebook can be added only in January 2017, he became a 5 billion richer.

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Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon, started the business with online sales of books and knocked together from an old door table. His stinginess helps to save millions of people around the world, the constant reduction of costs for delivery of goods.

Without Larry Ellison and “Oracle” it is impossible to imagine managing databases, and creating internal networks of companies.

Bill gates, through which we all have of Microsoft, has donated to charity more than 36 billion, and, say, the famous Russian cellist instruments himself buys the stolen public funds.

By the way, all these people signed the so-called “giving pledge” and, thus, has pledged to donate at least 50% of their income to charity. Russians in the list of signers is Vladimir Potanin.

Are all these people angry words that patriots povytaskivali from their vaults: wage slavery, nationalization, expropriation. Well, let’s imagine that Zuckerberg gave away all the money in Siberia and Africa. He is still working, but the people unexpected wealth will fall, from “delirium tremens” or “Predosa” early from this world to part. They failed to earn that kind of money, you will not be able to wisely and spend.

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