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Why we put s-400 “Nebrat”

Зачем мы поставим С-400 "небратьям"

In November 2014, Moscow and Beijing signed a 3-billion-dollar contract for the supply of six battalions of antiaircraft missile systems s-400, which will significantly enhance air defenses against China, the US and its allies. Then the main concern was copying technologies that buy from us Chinese that appears immediately on their own production of their military-industrial complex.

For example, the Chinese IFV ZBD04 very similar to the Russian BMP-3. Chinese MLRS PHL-03 just exactly reminiscent of the Russian MLRS “Smerch”. And fighter the J-11 is not even externally be distinguished from the domestic su-27SK. The same can be said about carrier-based fighter J-15 is so much like our su-33.

An interesting story happened in 2013, when Turkey announced a tender for the supply of long-range SAM. The order amount is significant – $ 4 billion. Their services offered USA with Patriot PAC-3, Russia – S-300, the European SAMP/T Aster 30 and the China HQ-9, an unlicensed copy of the s-300PMU-1. Should not be surprised that won the bid is Chinese, because of its low price and offer to transfer 10% of the production in Turkish territory. Despite the fact that the technical characteristics of the Chinese sample are inferior to the Russian original, Turkish money left for Beijing.

The difference between s-300 and HQ-9

Firing range, km:

hq-9 / c300

– minimum 6 / 40

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– max 200 / 200

The altitude of the targeted objectives, m:

– minimum 500 / 25

– maximum 30000 / 30000

And today there was another proof that the supply of s-400 to Turkey was Russia. But if in 2013 between Moscow and Ankara was not to strained relations, mutual sanctions and other conflicts today because of the mutual sanctions, wheat and tomato embargo Russia has lost about $ 1.5 billion – a significant sum for the food industry. And that’s not all – there are knives in the back of the su-24 and attack on Turkey and many other bases on the part of Erdogan, who can not even stretch to call a friend of Russia. So why do we sell them our complexes, which are the best today?

First, is money. Still unknown even approximate the amount that the Turks are ready to pay for the service. But the price is clearly not to be lower than in 2014, and this $ 500 million per unit. A great amount of money and provided jobs for the defense industry, as an example of implementing one of the objectives in Syria – to promote our service. Incidentally, interest in the complexes is a great answer for those who doubted their capacity in Syria. If the s-400 actually by mistake missed alien force (e.g., Israeli), they are hardly interested in direct observers of the Syrian war.

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Second, it’s hype. The more countries bought our air defense, the more countries want to buy them. Now even raises the question that the production capacity of the Almaz-Antei is so loaded that delivery time – several years. And to the point when Russia really starts to deliver s-400, the weapons of our army can take the s-500.

Thirdly, it is a pretty unusual situation where a NATO member wants to buy Russian weapons. Turks do not offer contracts for the patriot, although it would be the most obvious. And it is not clear what the Scam is – whether the technical characteristics of Triumphs more impressive are the Turkish leadership, or resentment against the Americans because they are helping the Kurds too strong. Maybe the Turks, whose territories are already American SAM, want to protect themselves from all possible ways. No wonder business in this country goes to war…

And despite the fact that I, as a greedy Russian weapons and technologies such as the person, it is not like that Erdogan will be showing off new air defense system, it is worth noting that weapons that are not in demand for export, can not be considered successful and reliable.

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