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Why the German baths cause a shock in Russian

Почему немецкие бани вызывают шок у русских

Many Russian when visiting Germany face serious cultural barriers that divide our countries. The mentality of the Germans is very different from Slavic. This is due to cultural traditions, and more free European views. The strong cultural shock to the Russian call the German saunas…

Joint baths and saunas

Almost all saunas in Germany joint. This means that men and women, children and the elderly – all soared and bathe together. The main problem for Russians lies in the fact that it’s supposed to do fully naked. Neither the steam room or in the washroom or in the pool you will not be allowed in a swimsuit or trunks. Rubber Slippers are also prohibited.

The Germans believe that any synthetic in a wet and hot atmosphere evaporates dangerous chemical compounds. It is harmful not only to those who are wearing synthetic bathing clothes, but also to others. In a German sauna you will not be allowed in a swimsuit (or trunks, if you are a man).

Почему немецкие бани вызывают шок у русских

Even if you’re embarrassed to cover “causal space”, you will be surprised to watch as the man strange. The Germans are absolutely not ashamed of their nakedness. Teenage boys can go swimming near naked mothers of her classmates, and no one sees this as obscene.

Etiquette in German saunas

Men, women, children, elderly people bathe naked in the same room. In rare cases, some institutions arrange some days for swimming, but it may be only once a week. All other days please drop the false shame!

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If you go to the washroom room in a bathing suit, you made the remark and points to the door. So if you want to visit a German sauna, you should tune in to the nudist way, and above all to get used to my own nudity. The Russian people, by nature, much more shy, have difficulty accepting such orders. Some, even after living in Germany for many years, just to avoid visiting saunas.

Почему немецкие бани вызывают шок у русских

But the fact is that German friends or even business partners can easily invite you into a home sauna. In this case, you will have to strip naked and bathe with them. Behave this should adequately not to blush, not to cover their most intimate places and, of course, is not to examine closely the shapes of others.

Where you can hide behind

Sauna in Germany is divided into 2 zones. The first is actually washing room and a steam room. They are called Textilfrei, which roughly translates to “area without clothes”. In other areas – lounge area, water slides and a bar you can walk, modestly wrapped in a towel or a swimsuit. By the way, not all Germans do it. Many continue shamelessly parading around in the buff. Make, and even more, to understand that not every Russian is capable.

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The most enjoyable

The procedure of bathing in these places is very pleasant and relaxing. In public saunas it is impossible to speak loudly and all kinds of noise. It can put the other guests to enjoy. To sit or lie on the shelves is possible only on special bath towels that have a length of 2 meters. Bare skin to the tree are forbidden to touch. It is not hygienic.

Почему немецкие бани вызывают шок у русских

Come to the beginning of “aufguss” – the pouring of the stones should be on time. This is important. During aufguss employee saunas, watering the stones with water and honey, eucalyptus or orange essential oil and diligently disperse vapor. At the same time he entertains visitors: tells them jokes, jokes. To leave the room at this point, it is impossible not to let out the precious steam. You can get out only if you became ill.

Then you can start bathing. In some saunas during aufguss include pleasant music, handing out free salt, creams or ice cubes for the skin. After the procedure can offer a Cup of tea, fruit or ice cream. All this is included in the price of admission. Aufguss in the saunas are scheduled, so decided to come on time, so as not to violate special beauty to the ceremony.

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