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Why sweat lights

Почему потеют фары

This problem can occur in any of the headlights: halogen, xenon, led. Why do you sweat the lights and how to deal with fogging? This will be discussed.

As the headlights breathe

Sometimes it happens that the lights fogged up after themselves or wash. Sometimes lights sing very much up to the formation of drops and rivulets. All this is not only unpleasant and unsightly, but interferes with normal lighting the road at night. Plus, the moisture has a detrimental effect on the reflectors — they can become cloudy or crumble.

Misted headlights due to its leakage. And leaking they default from the factory.

In the headlights there are special valves to equalize the pressure inside and outside. From physics we know that the pressure at constant volume depends on temperature. And as the vehicle is operated in winter and in summer, the temperature inside the headlamp may be minus 35, plus 70, the valves just needed to spotlight could “breathe”.

During cooling, the headlight sucks in the air, and when heated produces. When suction trapped inside the lights, the air can be humid. Naturally the moisture will condense, lights can slightly become cloudy. However, with proper valves these opacities disappear as fast as appear. Even if the headlight has a small crack. Fogging does not take place only in the case if the “breathing” lights for some reason broken.

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And this is bad because it will affect the light distribution. Suffers and the driver and the drivers traveling towards. Moreover, moisture inside the case destroys the coating of reflectors and affects the work of the electricians.

What to do?

Broken “breathing” of the lights can be for three reasons. The first and most common reason: air vents (ventilation valves) headlights clogged with dirt from old age or during repair. The second reason: driving with a large crack. The third reason: Faro dismantled and then poorly assembled.

I must say that no brake fluid, filled inside the lights — as did the grandparents — will not help. And help with either cleaning the air vents (ventilation holes), or removing the cracks, or the elimination of leakage in the housing joints. If the repair does not help, then nothing else, like buying new headlights to do.

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If the valves and air vents in the headlights are working properly, the moisture, even if specifically palfery pour water, after a while leave. So if you see that the lights are almost always fogged over with them exactly what is wrong. The moisture itself in the spotlight should not be afraid, a short circuit will not occur (at least from zapotalito exactly).

Everything I wrote above, I was talking about lights. But the same breather is in the rear lights, although zapoteet tail lights rarer than the headlights.

Wash carefully

In the end I would like to warn: if you decide to wash the engine compartment under high pressure, so be careful. The stream can disrupt the caps air vents with filters, and then you have somewhere to look for these caps, or completely change a headlight. Because separately they are almost never sold.

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