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Why so frequent accidents on the Russian carrier in terms of actual combat?

Почему так часты аварии на российском авианосце в условиях реальных боевых действий?

According to the Agency RIA Novosti, citing the defense Ministry on December 5 perform tasks in the Mediterranean sea Russian su-33 after the end of combat missions in Syrian airspace on December 3 during the landing on the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” skidded off the deck and fell into the sea, pilot ejected. The Russian defense Ministry stated that the cause of this accident was the breakage of a cable arresting gear.

November 13 while landing crashed into the sea carrier-based aircraft MiG-29K. What is the reason that within a month the first combat assignment at the Russian aircraft carrier so often accidents happen?

Not give his name a Chinese expert said the journalist of the newspaper Global Times, which reported both accidents occurred due to arresting gear. It may have occurred because of a problem caused by the adaptation of arresting gear of the carrier to the mode of take-offs and landings of high intensity, or due to improper control of the aircraft during landing. But we can not exclude that the accident was caused by various random factors.

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Chinese military expert Li Jie told the Global Times journalist that it must be the result generated by the software and hardware of a Russian aircraft carrier and other complex factors. First, stood for a long time in docks and piers Russian aircraft carrier still not been carried out the necessary repairs and carried out maintenance. And this old ship, he was 20 years old, and many devices, including the arresting gear, do not have the necessary maintenance.

Li Jie believes that the overall operational concept of the Russian Navy sent an aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean to combat “Islamic state” is correct, because in this way you can strike in both directions: from the land and sea to reach the best military efficiency. But the number of available carrier-based aircraft on the Russian aircraft carrier is not enough, the pilots is no systematic training, funds for maintenance and repair means the vessel is very limited. The implementation of ocean operations in such a hasty case exposes big problem of all systems of Russian aircraft carrier.

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After the fall of carrier-based aircraft in the sea the Russian defense Ministry stressed that the battle group of the aircraft carrier will continue to carry out combat missions, the planned mission in the Mediterranean sea, and carrier-based aircraft will continue to fly. One Chinese military expert stated that tenacious fighting style of the Russian Navy worthy of recognition, the Navy is not in every country the existence of which have aircraft carriers, can decide the termination of flights after the crash into the sea.

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