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“Why do you these thieves will be shot?” About the Russian economy on the fingers

"Почему вы этих воров не расстреляете?" О российской экономике на пальцах

I am often in China. I know theirs a lot of natives.
Here and drank beer with a Chinese businessman, who many times gostevali in Russia, both in Europe and in the United States.

Said with sincere amazement: he drove the car from St. Petersburg to Moscow, the road – well, just impossible! Why?

I say found, than to surprise, bro. Just road builders steal the money, that’s all. Just in the same Peter plundered the whole budget on roads in the new prison!.. Besides that, the Petersburg highway is not too bad. You’re still on the highway M-6, which at Volgograd, I did not. Now, there’s a Stalingrad!..

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– So call a German company! – he opens my America. – The Germans get a good road will do and the money will not be stolen. I just laugh in response:

– What cockroaches ate too much? We are not German, we have only your hand the company can build. The result – each year it is planned to repair from scratch. Not to mention patching is generally a gold mine! Especially if you spend it before the overhaul, when all patches will be cut off and have, in principle, not to prove they were or were not. You know, any of our road, building, economic project is cut money. It is the norm that strictly adhere to both clients and contractors.

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But the Chinese do not understand. His eyes narrowed even more and he asked in all seriousness:

– Why you have them all shot?!

But after he gave us the essence of our economy, the answer to this last key issue I have not come to mind.

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