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Why can’t they be fed with slogans about “greatness”?

Почему их нельзя кормить лозунгами о "величии"?

No, I really do not understand why not to feed Breakfast French, Germans, Finns, Swedes?

Why they do not ride up stories about what, for example, the leader of the state for nearly 20 years prevented damned Russians wanting to take their country?
Show completely…

Why those people need affordable education, high quality health care for all today, a decent salary to every citizen, and not a slap on the authoritative men? Why can’t they be fed with slogans about “greatness”?

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Why in all the countries people are judged on the manual of real cases, and not by the false speeches of the villains of the TV? Why the citizens of those countries impossible for decades to peddle stories about the “pride” and conditional “Gagarin”, why they want to live today, not in 20 years and if they are not satisfied with the government they go across the country to the street and the police did not disperse, and supports them because that is designed to protect citizens and not fatty rats at the trough?

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Why is the measure of wealth there is a personal wallet and white teeth in your mouth, and not the notorious Olympic games, from which they not hot, not cold?

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