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Who will be responsible for the loss of life in St. Petersburg

On the first day of the beginning of the heating season in different parts of St. Petersburg broke through the heating of hot water

In the Admiralty district and the incident resulted in the deaths of two young people and the failure of the two cars in the yard. What is the cause of the tragedy and who must be accountable to the relatives of the dead young people?

On the night of 28 September, just before the start of the heating season, in the Admiralty district of St. Petersburg burst pipe. The incident occurred at 3: 30 near the house № 20 on Izmailovsky Prospekt. Water from a broken pipe washed away the asphalt on the local area and in the resulting pit collapsed two cars, and the water poured into the basement antikafe “Typical Petersburg”, which is in the house.

The staff and the visitors managed to run out, but two young men decided to come back for forgotten things and died. The reason for gatherings of young people was a birthday party, company had been drinking, and, apparently, so the dead are unable to quickly assess the situation and get out of the room. The criminal case was brought SK, the first Prosecutor of the Admiralty district.

In a press-service of EMERCOM in St. Petersburg with the VZGLYAD newspaper reported that pumping water from the basement ended at seven in the morning, and heat was turned off. Emergency work conducted by JSC “St. Petersburg heating”.

The representative of “TEPLOSET of Saint Petersburg” in conversation with the correspondent the OPINION stressed that before the beginning of the heating season, the ill-fated pipe checked. “In August, were carried out hydraulic test, everything went according to regulations, pipe, 1992, the period of operation allowed until 2020. In the documentation it is reported that in the last 8-12 years on it had no defects. Repair work our service will be able to start immediately after will be pulled out of the car. Repair period for such distribution pipe according to the regulations is 13 hours”, – said the press-Secretary Marina Maksimova, answering the question about when to 76 buildings will resume heating, disabled after the accident.

Deputy CEO for legal and corporate issues of GUP “TEK SPb” Daniel Karpin claims that the life of the pipe ended in the past year: “St. Petersburg is around 7750 km of heat networks. A big part of serving our organization, almost everything else is “Heating”. The lifetime of pipes – 25 years, more than anymore. Note that networks that are in operation for longer than this term, quite a lot. We have 22%. And the “Heating system” two times more – 45%. And all these pipelines need to be replaced, they are worn out,” – quoted “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

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Only the day before the tragedy at the Izmailovo Avenue of the power system eliminated the consequences of the breakthrough of the heat of the track near to the bypass channel. According to Maximova, it was two different pipes. A company spokesman said that relatives of the victims will be helped, the victims will be compensated.

In social networks the news has serious repercussions: many of St. Petersburg have accused a management company, which, as they believe, not thoroughly checked the pipes. However, as reported by the newspaper VIEW one of the UK, the blame for what happened lies with municipal authorities.

“It is not the management company’s fault, and boiler room. UK deals networks only inside the house. The lifetime of such tubes is 35 years old and inspection of such pipes is very conditional, because the pipes are underground. When they are checked include pressure, run the hot water and check the integrity of the pipe. The house while preparing for the heating season: the pipes are filled with cold water under pressure, it is called pressing. Representatives of the UK needs to pass the house teplovik, the city, after which the UK receives a document stating that the house opressive. If such document was, according to JSC “TEPLOSET of Saint Petersburg”, that the tragedy was accidental. But if not, the fault lies with the thermal power company”, – said the source.

According to him, pipe in 1992 – not so old: “Similar pipes and 60-70 years, but the reasons for failure can be multiple: it can wash away the ground water, it is impossible to undo metal fatigue, could not withstand welding”, – said a source from the criminal code.

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The Ministry responded quickly to the incident, saying the newspaper VIEW that the Agency monitored such accidents: “Each case is on special control. Hot on the heels detail, what happened and why. And though each case is the area of responsibility of the municipal authorities, we all analyzed and certain conclusions after such stories do. As for utilities, there are still plenty of issues not only in St. Petersburg but also in Russia in General – needs serious work to all networks (water supply, sanitation, heating) result in the regulatory state”, – reported in a press-service of the Department in response to the request.

The advances of heat – not uncommon in St. Petersburg, and citizens with the sad joke that after the closing of the season fountains in the Peterhof fountain season from the beginning of the heating season in the city.

On the night of September 27, burst heating pipes on the streets of Budapest, September 6 – at Lenin square, at the intersection of Cartaliginous street and Skipper duct – August 31. Each breakthrough is accompanied by difficulties for the residents of the city are suffering motorists and pedestrians, water erodes the roadway and sidewalks, significantly reducing their lifespan.

“To keep the networks in proper condition requires the relocation of about 400 km of pipes a year, writes “Fontanka” with reference to a source in the energy Committee. – Today is the same as for the expense of the budget, and at the expense of heat supply organizations, rekonstruiruet a little more than 200 km of heat networks”. To rid the city of old pipes, for 10 years, you must invest about 120 billion rubles.

Problems with the pipes in St. Petersburg are not only historical, but also the corruption context: in 2012, the region was shocked “pipe case”. If the budget was abducted three billion rubles. The money was allocated for the construction and repair of objects of heat and water, but instead of new pipes in the ground fit old (according to some reports, about 600 km of pipes), and certificates of quality officials were forged.

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