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Who profits from the billions in the pension of the Russians

Кто обогатится на пенсионных миллиардах россиян

After raising the retirement age, the government of Dmitry Medvedev announced the “nullification” of pension points that people hoarded in 2015. And this is hundreds of billions of rubles, which were accumulated in savings accounts in the hope of a future pension.

The unions are “against”, and the business is still undecided

Voicing the unpopular step of the upcoming pension reform — a sharp increase in the retirement age (for men at five years, and for women to eight years) — the government continues to “metered” to give all new proposals. Of course, the seemingly less revolutionary.

A bill to gradually raise the retirement age from 2019, approved by the government at the meeting on 14 June (the day of the start of the world Cup), has been introduced to the state Duma.

The day before, on 16 June, the bill was discussed by the Russian tripartite Commission on regulation socially-labour relations. At the meeting, the Chairman of the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia (FNPR) Mikhail Shmakov and other Union leaders spoke out strongly against raising the retirement age. And the representatives of employers (their interests are defended by the Chairman of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin) has demanded to provide full calculations on the basis of which a bill was submitted.

But all this did not prevent the government to send the disputed document to the state Duma. Indeed, as explained by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the bill dictated the demographic situation: the population is aging, the proportion of working people less. The right to receive a pension annually receive an additional half a million people, while the number of able-bodied citizens proportionally reduced by 400 thousand people.

Accordingly, in order to pay pensions need more funds: the Pension Fund deficit for the current year the government is estimated at 265 billion rubles). To maintain the high level of the government, apparently, is no longer possible, therefore, reform was decided to start right after six months. However, with the transition period: for men it will last until 2028 (six months per year), and for women in 2034 (four months for each year of additional retirement).

A barrel of tar and a spoonful of honey “Golikova”

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Immediately after the introduction of the bill, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, which oversees social assistance, promised to develop a “new framework for pension savings,” those Russians who are already saving up for their future retirement. What would it be for infrastructure, it is unclear.

Perhaps we are talking about the concept of “Individual pension capital” (IPK), which is discussed in the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank for two years: its essence is that mandatory contributions from the employer to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation gradually replaced by voluntary contributions of the workers themselves (they will be partially co-financed by the employer).

According to preliminary and very conservative estimates, the introduction of a system of ITQs would make the pension system an additional 10 trillion. rubles in the next decade. This is despite the fact that for all Russian seniors required amount of 7 trillion. rubles (of this amount, only half covered by the compulsory contributions of employers).

Another suggestion Golikova was more specific: as stated by Deputy Prime Minister, the government will be forced to abandon the “point” of the pension system, which was introduced in 2015 (after the “freezing” of pension savings of Russians).

Was in a barrel of tar and a spoon of honey from Golikova: it is firmly promised that in 2019 the pensions of pensioners will grow on the average on 1 thousand roubles every month. That is 12 thousand rubles per year. I just want to cry from the emotion in these figures. Interestingly, she would Golikova has noticed an increase to his salary of a thousand roubles?

Larks: salvation only in personal investment!

His opinion about the upcoming pension reform with the “Free press” shared senior researcher at the economic policy Institute, member of the Board of the Foundation “Liberal mission” Sergey Zhavoronkov:

“SP”: — Sergey, the need to increase the retirement age, the government explains, demographic reasons, saying that more and more pensioners and less working.

— Notice that raising the retirement age will happen, let’s say, for the common people. But the privileged strata — the MVD, the FSB, the Prosecutor’s office, the military, rescuers will still be able to retire in 35 years. Their take on the service with higher education in 22 years, plus the experience of 20 years, but comes a year and a half, but in 35 years they are already retired.

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In my opinion, until the last man in uniform age of retirement will not equate to the national average until exhausted this financial reserve, to raise the retirement age for the entire population is impossible!

“SP”: — how do you assess the proposal Golikova more and cancel the pension “points”?

— I will remind you that the so-called “freezing” the pension was justified by the fact that their pension will give “points” to the bright future. Our government acts as Nasreddin Hodja, when I promised the Sultan for twenty years to teach the donkey to speak. So for twenty years or the donkey dies or the padishah.

In General, these “frozen” money will not give! And I do not exclude that if the administrative power of certain clans living on closed articles of the budget, will be above the power of large owners, including the state of the NPF, the next step is the confiscation of the existing NPF. With the proposal, saying that the state will need to invest the extra money “voluntarily”.

However, since all of the existing NPF oligarchic and connected with influential persons, the probability of confiscation of savings is still lower than in the case of accumulated capital of VEB — financier of the Sochi Olympics. By the way, at the end of 2017 under 40 million people have already left the Bank. Despite the fact that millions every year are denied exit under the pretext of “incorrect commas” in the statement.

“SP”: — the Majority of working people now pretend that either will not live to retirement, or will still receive from the state a penny. So what to do? Give advice as an experienced economist.

The most reasonable strategy under these conditions, in my opinion, is an individual investment. Because sooner or later governments run out of money, and understood — will print a new one.

Now a lot of professional companies that will help with the investment. In the end, invest in currency, real estate, Bank deposits within the insurance limit.

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