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Who is behind the promotion of tolerance in Russia?

Кто стоит за продвижением толерантности в России?

In his address to the Federation Council in 2013, President Vladimir Putin called tolerance, sexless and barren.

“We will strive to be leaders, defending international law, striving for respect and national sovereignty, independence and identity of peoples and it is absolutely objective and understandable for a state like Russia with its great history and culture, with centuries of experience not of so-called tolerance, sexless and barren, and it combines organic life of different peoples within a single state.”

It turns out that the President says one thing, and a certain lobby, however, operates in an entirely different direction. What is this lobby? On the basis of them all. Rudomino there is an Institute of tolerance. Project Director, “tolerance Institute” is Ekaterina Genieva. Read about it below.

On the official website of the Institute of tolerance indicated that the center of tolerance opened in Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo, Ulyanovsk, Pskov, Novouralsk, Ekaterinburg, Ivanovo, Moscow, Kursk, Saratov, and St. Petersburg. There, on the official website, there is information that there is an international prize named Voloshin “For the promotion of ideas of tolerance”, and every year the tolerance Institute awards the most active figure in the promotion of ideas of tolerance.

In 2014, the winner was Ekaterina L. Kudrina, rector of Kemguki.

To answer the question “Who is behind the promotion of tolerance in Russia?” contact the organizing Committee of this award.

1) Ekaterina Genieva.

Since 1995, Genieva was one of the leaders of the cultural programs of the Institute “open society” (Soros Foundation) in Russia (as chair of the Executive Committee, President, Chairman of the Strategic Board). Until 2002 he was President of the Institute “open society”.

George Soros talked about E. Y. Genieva: “I Have many friends, some of them are public figures. For example, Yavlinsky, and Gaidar. Some of them are employees of the Fund, for example, Katya Genieva”.

In politics George Soros has distinguished himself as a sponsor and an influential lobbyist. Played an important role in the fall of the Communist regimes in Eastern Europe during the “velvet” revolutions of 1989. Played a prominent role in the preparation and conduct of the Georgian “rose revolution” of 2003. In a difficult economic situation in 1998 made a statement that Russia needs a devaluation.

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George Soros is one of the main sponsors of the campaign for reform in the legislative regulation of drug trafficking, including the movement for the legalization of marijuana and decriminalization of drug use. I believe that the interests of the financier and the national interests of Russia have nothing in common, to put it mildly.

At the end of 2003, Soros has officially turned financial support of its charitable activities in Russia, and in 2004, the Institute “open society” has ceased to issue grants, but created by the support of the organization still exist. For example, noncommercial Fund of support of book publishing, education and new information technologies “Pushkin library” is a co-founder of the award Voloshin.

Institute of tolerance can be considered the successor of the Soros Foundation in Russia. Together with Chubais and Mintz E. Y. Genieva participates actively in projects “Fund Gaidar”. Thus, it is possible to say that E. Y. Genieva is inscribed in the liberal elite, and has a wide circle of acquaintances among systemic and non-systemic liberals.

Religion Catherine Yurievna — Orthodox ecumenism. Here is her statement in 2004: “the library sees itself as an Ecumenical center of different cultures, noted for its unique mi models in the world”. Together with Vyacheslav Ivanov (Director of the library from 1989 to 1993), she developed and implemented a new concept of the library as an international cultural center of Ecumenical orientation. At the initiative Genieva E. the publishing house “Rudomino” (GIBIL) was printed work of a young priest from Krakow, the future Pope, “Love and responsibility”, and distributed to thousands of libraries of Russia “the Catholic encyclopedia”.

Maybe that’s why Pope John Paul II twice invited to Geneva E. meeting (Rome, 1998 and 1999) under the patronage of Ilovaiskaya-Alberti, Irina I. A. Alberti worked for some time on “Radio Liberty” and was tightly integrated in the dissident circles, Sakharov, Solzhenitsyn etc.

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Ekaterina Genieva is a member of the Federal civil party Committee “the Civil platform”. She implements the program “Civic platform” “Ex Libris: library of the 21st century”. An active participant of the project “Ex Libris” is also one of the most brilliant Russian writer, Lyudmila Ulitskaya. She also serves on the organizing Committee of the prize. Voloshin.

At the initiative of Ludmila Ulitskaya “Institute of tolerance” has developed and provides a special children’s project “Another, other”. Books and methodical instructions to them, which are designed to educate tolerance in children of school age. This project, under the guise of seemingly good thesis about tolerance for alien, aimed at the propaganda of homosexuality, pedophilia and incest.

Another striking representative award “For promoting the ideas of tolerance” is Marianne Tack Choldin, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois (USA). She is known for her research in the field of tsarist and Soviet censorship.

He is a supporter of the removal of censorship in media and literature:”the censorship has failed to win in any country. But we should strive for the freedom of media, freedom of literature.” The mud, which begins to flow in the absence of censorship, she calls price to pay for freedom of speech.

We have seen in the books project Ulitskaya “the other, other” that the removal of censorship really necessary for more effective promotion of ideas of tolerance. These books imposed age limit 18+ office of public Prosecutor of the Ulyanovsk region. In this sense, membership of this lady in the organizing Committee of the award is not accidental.

And it’s just common traits of those who promote the idea of tolerance in Russia. As can be seen from the activities of the organizing Committee of the award are considered, all the figures in it are not accidental. They help most effectively to promote tolerance and to change our identity.

The question arises — do we want these people changed our cultural and historical code?

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