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Whether America can manage our weapons?

The US can destroy Russian missiles that would violate the Treaty banning intermediate-range missiles. This was stated on Tuesday U.S. Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchinson. She urged Moscow to cease development of prohibited missiles.

Otherwise, threatened the diplomat, the us military will try to destroy the Russian missile system before they will function. About it reports Reuters. “We will consider the opportunity to eliminate the [Russian] missile, which threatens any of our allied countries”, – quotes the American diplomat the Agency.

She noted that the upcoming America’s countermeasures are designed to stop in advance of the establishment by Russia of prohibited weapons.

In this context, of course, it was about the destruction of the physical, with the help of pre-emptive strike on elements of weapons. However, there is another way – using electronic component base (ECB), which is used in the production of weapons. It is no secret that having taken a policy of import substitution, the Russian defense industry are unable to solve the problem and continue to use of electronic components of foreign production.

The security issues in microelectronics began to be actively discussed abroad in the open scientific–technical press for more than 20 years ago. The interest of foreign researchers, especially military experts, this area is conditioned by the following objective factors:

economic factors and globalization of the world semiconductor industry, mergers and acquisitions of semiconductor firms;

the transfer process of semiconductor production from highly industrialized countries (USA, England, NATO) in developing countries of South-East Asia (China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan);

the results of theoretical and experimental studies of the phenomenon of the emergence of the problem of hardware Trojans in chips.

The emergence of a new kind of weapons, information technology weapons (abroad adopted the term “cyber weapons”), significantly expanding opportunities and removing significant limitations of the “classic” of modern weapons (nuclear, biological, and microwave weapons, climatic, seismic and other types).

Based on the above-mentioned processes of globalization is the obvious fact that with decreasing design rule, the number used in the modern technology of new materials is growing exponentially, and usually one, even the “very rich” semiconductor company may not find the required additional billions of dollars, and therefore “semiconductor giants” have to combine financial and human resources.

Foreign researchers have shown that without the knowledge of the developer in each chip can implement a hardware Trojan at virtually every stage of the route – from design to manufacture. At the command of their “owner” Trojan is able to perform a variety of unauthorized actions to change the modes of operation, to transmit via a third-party (non-controlled) channels any internal (confidential) information, to change the electric modes of the chip until its destruction (failure) by the external signal of the attacker.

Domestic developers while designing the “old way”, because the state customers of such chips, it seems, do not know about this extremely unpleasant fact.

As you know, for any developer advanced chips “guiding document” is a technical specification (TS) on a chip or a common technical specification (CLT) for the set of developed chips.

In contrast to the usual for domestic developers of standard microcircuit foreign developer for over 10 years and receives from the customer standard an additional “item”. This fairly lengthy section (section TK) is called: “Methods, means and procedure of application control technology, developed security chip”.

A small but important “distraction from the topic”. With decreasing design rules significantly increases the cost of development of foreign chips. Domestic developers, both Russian and Belarusian, use these official statistics to justify the increase in the cost of their R & d efforts in the protection of financial plans (cost) for the development of the chip before the financial authorities of their countries. Simple-minded and gullible officials of the Ministry of industry, Ministry of economic development, etc. are usually very far from the Madding “microelectronic” problems and can not know the true reasons for the high cost of imported products.

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But today, foreign financiers are well aware that in the multi-million dollar cost of developing the submicron chips 25-75% of the cost of implementing and providing methods of technological safety circuits.

A detailed analysis of the truly enormous possibilities and equally obvious limitation of all existing types of “classic” weapons, and while these “exotic” weapons as climatic, seismic, psychological, neural, etc., leads to the obvious conclusion that their real application on the Ground will become nothing more than a fairly sophisticated “method of suicide”.

That’s why in the depths of the military and intelligence agencies of the industrialized countries and the idea of developing an entirely new weapon, which will actually “win and survive” the attacking side. This is the so-called scientific and technological weapons or cyber-warfare.

A kind of technical platform for this new weapon are the software and hardware Trojans, which are unauthorized by the owners, taking root in accordance with evil will “host” the modern information and communication system, Telecom system, missile defense system, system energy and life-support of cities, control systems precision weapons, etc., is able not only to organize the transfer of “master” of classified information, but also to control these objects up to make them completely inoperable.

For example, some interesting facts, talking about how the security infrastructure depends on the ECB. In 2008, the NPP in Bushehr, the malware struck 1368 of 5 thousand centrifuges. Then the infection has spread around the world and in 2013, was discovered on one of Russian nuclear power plants, although its control system was not connected to the Internet. Nothing strange, if we take into account that 70 percent of the components automated system of plant control foreign. What they lay? How they will behave? Hard to say. Work on such components makes the maximum risk.

For several years in the Russian oil and gas pipelines revealed some serious failures of automatic systems, and they are made on the basis of foreign products. Now construct a new transport corridor North – South, and to secure it only through the introduction of domestic technologies at all stages.

In this light, it is possible to mention the risk of failure of the transaction on the “Nord stream -2” because of the possible Trojans.

In the basis of functioning of the American system of control of safety of microelectronic products is the principle of the “Golden five security.” This “Golden five” security was formed in the United States as a result of years of coordinated activities of military, intelligence, industrial and government bodies of the USA in ensuring the supply of so-called “reliable” chips foreign production.

The American “Golden five” security — code “fat” systems of normative and technical documents, various governmental (!) directives and permanent programs, specific activities to securing the supply of microchips for the Department of defense, NASA and NATO, designed in USA but manufactured outside the country, mainly in the semiconductor factories of Southeast Asia. These patrasova directions to ensure security of supply of chips “foreign” production, in the form of respective “volumes” complex policy, regulatory, technical and government documents with a single (common)subtitle, who in the Amateur author’s translation into Russian language can be formulated as follows: “Inostranceviinae. Protection.”

In the structure of the Ministry of defense eventually created a number of special units whose primary functions are functions similar to their Russian counterparts: 18 TSNII MO RF, 46 TSNII MO RF, branch TSNII MO RF (ex 22 CRI).

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I must say that the most well-known open sources like “unitranche” unit is a special unit MO USA — JFAC (joint federated assurance Center for secure chips).

It should be noted that now know quite a lot of methods for the detection of hardware Trojans in chips.

At present, the use of circuits for critical (Executive) appointments regulated by number of regulations. Thus, the Russian defence companies can apply only to products included in the List of electronic components, approved for use in the development, modernization, manufacture and operation of weapons, military and special equipment (List ECB 02).

This List included all domestic (Russian and Belarusian) of electronic components, designed and manufactured under control of Military representative of the Russian Federation and Belarus. Although almost all products on this List can really be attributed to is safe with high probability, the last time this document began to include articles to which the design during the design process or manufacturing there is no direct or indirect access of third parties (sides). So, a number of products were created with the use of so-called IP blocks (libraries) of foreign origin.

In fact, the development of ICS in these cases is reduced only to actually “build” structure (architecture) of the chip of the several parts without sufficient understanding and analysis of their content. The second important point is the manufacture of such developed RF products for “uncertified” Russian customer funkypotato. Talking about the possibility of full control over the process in this case, of course, is not necessary.

For comparison, at the end of 2017, the Ministry of defense had in its possession 23 certified factory, which in the end allowed the Americans to place their orders for the manufacture and subsequent certified delivery of the chips produced by twenty different technologies.

To ensure the safe use of electronic components of foreign production is possible only after the costly operations of screening, a series of tests and studies to assess the reliability and resistance to special factors specific batch of products, and reinzhiniringa analysis topology recovery circuit and the search for undocumented elements.

Unfortunately, the use of imported electronic components for critical applications will take place for a long time.Of the total volume of Russian market, $2830 million, the purchased volume of imported electronic components amounted to $2035 million, and the domestic – only $795 million.

In this regard, it is extremely important to develop effective methods of protection from falling into the Russian or Belarusian radio and electronic equipment of electronic components with malicious components.

So the Americans, with their enormous budget and enormous potential, managed with great difficulty to create and implement in practice the above-described control system security the supply chain of chips.

However, it is important to understand that the war in its pure, classical form is not there. We don’t even notice that the world war incessantly for the last 40 years, just areas where it occurs, often hidden from public consciousness: the average person does not understand where are TVD, which takes place “most interesting”.

In this regard, the most important task – the creation of a target software and hardware and hardware and software systems for the needs of the Armed Forces and for the control of all components in critical facilities, samples AMSE. Yes, the defense complex is not standing still, there are achievements, but so are the problems. First of all it is serednyofontanska.

Author: Vladimir Vuyachich

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