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Where men have grenades, brother?

Weapons Putin “px”, appeared in Russia, through the “Donbass Novorossia”.

Yesterday in Moscow the tenant of an apartment building threw out a sixth floor window of the grenade and fell out all by itself. The explosion damaged 4 cars, broken Windows in rooms on the ground floor. The grenade thrower was hospitalized.

In Samara police found two warehouses with weapons; one was an AK with two magazines, the second – 10 AK-47 assault rifles, 8 RPG, flamethrower “bumblebee”, the device for silent shooting, a special product for simulating a shot from a gun and cartridges of different caliber.

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Today in Kratovo not far from Moscow man opened fire on passers-by from the household hunting gun “in a shooting a few people hospitalized with wounds of varying severity“. According to various sources, killed between one and four people.

Home arrow cordoned off by the police and Regardie, and later to the storming of the house “went to” special forces Regardie. The arrows met them with fire and threw several grenades at the commandos.

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Surprised the “professionalism” of Regardie and local police – the arrow managed to escape from the cordoned off home.

Putin, however, the professionals in?

They are good only to disperse peaceful demonstrations by law-abiding citizens, and even then, not always.

I wonder how everything will appreciate Kratovo operation of the armed defenders of the regime?

Откуда у мужиков гранаты, брат?

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