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What you have in the yard was the game?

Now look at children and envy them slightly, tablets, computers, game consoles, smartphones… you name it.

I think that would be in my childhood was the toys. Remember how in childhood we had fun. Would be a fantasy and entertainment you can think of. Candy wrappers is a course for girls and boys caps from bottles, only need bottle caps and stone, large rounded pebbles. Or banks, put banks on the line and with a stick knock them certain features, like towns. Another fun knife folding, polulegenda, stick in a wooden bench and padeva finger throw, he had to roll over and stick again if fell, the turn passes to the other.

And in Central Asia among boys was circulated Liang, a piece of rabbit fur (likely) tied with a piece of lead, it is necessary the inside of your foot to throw it, had their own Champions who could do with this langoy is!

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Какие у вас во дворе были игры? 

Какие у вас во дворе были игры?

Different attacks cost different number of points, I remember one of such techniques called lyura when jump Liang fought, say, the right leg under the left.

But the gambling was alicky! For the game needed a knee of lamb Mosley. This game can be compare with Russian attendants, but if a grandmother can be equated to teeter fool, alicki certainly possible to compare the passion of preference.

Какие у вас во дворе были игры?

Какие у вас во дворе были игры?

The essence of the game is that the opponents put on the line (line) to the same amount of Osijek, then at some distance of one throws the knee its a box of juice, the best asiku, which performs the role bits. If she gets up on one of its ends, called the taiga and Alec, the player takes the stake, to recapture he had asiku three bast and in this case took this Motel. Reset nets called sakariem, then there was still the terms chick and bunch, in addition to the taiga and the cherry plum is the appropriate side of the bone. The Socko paint nail Polish and still could have done “salitar”, vysvetlilas a hole in the box of juice, then poured the lead and strongly masked the hole, since the discovery of this cheating with a box of juice all smashed on the asphalt. In short, seething with serious passion.

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And you, what were the games?

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