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What will happen with gas prices?

Что будет дальше с ценами на бензин?

As reported by the Federal service of state statistics, motor fuel last month has risen “most notably among the observed types of food products”. The price of natural gas for the month rose 7.1%, on gasoline of various grades of 1.8-2.1%, diesel went up by 1.9%.

Recall that in may, the jump in prices for this commodity has hit motorists worse (gas motor fuel became more expensive by 7.7%, automobile gasoline of various grades – 4,0-6,0%, diesel fuel – by 5.2%).

How the situation will develop further?

Spring has already sounded concerns that the end of the year the price of a liter of gasoline may go even higher – but rather it was a forecast calling for the government to pay attention to the situation.

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On 5 July the state Duma adopted in the third final reading amendments to the tax and customs legislation. According to these amendments, post facto legitimized the measures undertaken and declared by the government of the Russian Federation at the end of may.

In particular, until 31 December 2018 are invited to enter with reduced rates of excise duty on petrol Euro-5 – 8 213 RUB. for 1 ton (currently the excise tax in the amount of 11 892 RUB. for 1 ton), diesel fuel – 5 665 RUB. for 1 ton (he is now 8 258 rubles for 1 ton).

In may believed to produce lower rates from 1 July, but later postponed to 1 June, slightly improved market situation. In accordance with the second law, the Russian Government is entitled to impose additional export duties for light and medium distillates, benzene, etc., which must not exceed 90% for all calendar months from 1 August 2018 to 31 December 2018.

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As explained the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhukov, “the same measure has been used in 2011, when also there was a significant increase in fuel prices, and now the Government is proposing the same measure with the same purpose – to prevent further growth of prices”.


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