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What the state pays and cultural figures — should they pay?

За что государство платит деятелям культуры — и должно ли оно им платить?

In the case of Kirill Serebrennikov the topic of public financing of culture becomes relevant again. Can the state do to Finance something that goes beyond the “Patriotic”? Should a publicly funded art be profitable? Whether the receipt of government funding analogous to the contract to serve the interests of power?

The newspaper “Commersant” writes that last summer only one Russian film has paid off at the box office — “the Grandmother of easy virtue.” Fees ridiculous: 130 million rubles in the budget of 90 million rubles.

I, frankly, rare in the theatres and in the movie, is that big fan of our documentaries. But it seems to me, there is a basic uncertainty in tasks.

How to spend public money? First, on a Patriotic movie we see in the movies Mikhalkov and contemptible the remakes of “the dawns here are quiet”, the main question which is: how the heroine so puts the curls in the war? I’m afraid readers of this text are most familiar with films of this kind more reviews brilliant new BadComedian. Cadets flying in to rescue orphans from the Scottish wizards, which with the support of NATO try to make Russian speaking — no, this is not the heroin of the story, which received the support of the Ministry of culture, to our collective shame.

The second category of financing is a modern art. At the same time, receiving public money, in recent years it has become a convenient target for state propaganda. That it was necessary to oppose “the common man”, which no performances did not look, but condemn, creative people, willing to sometimes unsuccessful, but experiments. In fact, in recent years contemporary art is supported with one goal: to give government propagandists convenient characters for conviction. “How so, they take government funding and profess liberal views, show naked body! Government funding — not for experiments!” etc.

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I think we must first define the goal.

If you want it to be a profitable business to give money to potentially profitable projects. This can be, for example, a show about our Troubled times, but with the inevitable sex and blood — and score on the “feelings of believers” because their feelings are essentially not on the market. This immediately eliminates the funding of films, and also, ironically, every Patriotic project-mongering Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, which does not produce blockbusters. This is vanilla snot overexposed Directors on shesheninyh topics.

You can make a different bet: to support what turns out. For example, documentaries and cartoons. But then again disappear all sorts of projects about the ties, and almost all of the game film, but Andrei Zvyagintsev, who constantly takes all the prestigious international award.

If your funding is an investment in the bonds, do not expect payback. Do not be angry with great reviews from BadComedian. And do not enter fees for foreign films, as your goal is not to produce a watchable product, and produce the highly sophisticated nonsense about how we need to pray and fast.

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So, if “ties” — that no business and no awards. If “reward” — not the fact that will pay off (if to each such movie is not to buy fanatics that will play unfunny the situation with the real fanatics and “Matilda,” directed by the Teacher). If “money” — to hell with buckles and high art.

Another option is to completely abandon support of the same movie, including “scrapee”. Still the viewer of my generation it is a laugh. The elimination of the Ministry of culture, privatization of theatres. Dreary and pompous in this case, the die itself, despite the tears of Nikita Mikhalkov.

In this case, the talented author projects will be harder to get money, but also the stupid remake of “the dawns here are quiet” no namemy people will not give a penny. I think it is important to say this: if we decide to leave without money Serebrennikov, it is necessary to leave without money and any Mikhalkov—Konchalovsky. Let compete in the market field, and we will buy popcorn. And, of course, it is necessary to deprive of financing all low-budget pornography propaganda wing. If you want to make cool Patriotic pornography — even looking investors view on survival. If you throw on the market all the time. And the cries of the dismissed employees of the Ministry of culture we will survive.

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