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What is “breakthrough”?

В чём «прорыв»?

State functionary Yeltsin period Anatoly Chubais, whose political activities have caused most harm to the country, as it is unequivocally said: “What are you worried about these people? Well, thirty million will die. They do not fit into the market. Don’t think about it — new grow”. The past quarter century, no Yeltsin, no Chubais did not fit into the market died out, in their place came a new generation of young people. Yes only the liberal record from state officials remained the same. But the extinction has been prepared for those who do not fit into the digitalization of the Russian state.

Listen to the report of the head of the division “Institutions and society”, Centre for strategic research Maria Shklyaruk, which was presented at the conference on “Public administration: problems and solutions”, and find that there are no problems or solutions do not understand. For snatched from the Internet multicast abstruse and foreign origin of words not seen by the horizons of modernization and development of the state, and even isolation from the existing reality. The feeling that the people fulfilling orders Kudrin and Gref, not only don’t know what the state and its management, they are an ordinary citizen, a representative of the people, the ordinary voter Kursk, in the eye not seen since the end of their Hamburg universities.

Hence the gap in understanding and the sense of community and vision of their solution. How to solve the problem, if you do not have baseline data on the lives of ordinary citizens, which the vast majority? But on the report it can be seen. She simply voiced the obvious demonstratively fictitious concocted from all kinds of dies product that can be nice “present” but use never. Yes, however, and she Shklyaruk is aware, vitesta that you can write a plan of digitalization of the state, but when the time of its official adoption, half of the items are simply outdated. Therefore, why do well today that in 3-4 years we will not need?

But Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the command “Digitalization — the whole economy!”. Compared even this “breakthrough” with the electrification of the whole country, and, according to the head of the state in the next six years through the introduction of digital technology and platform solutions have to be converted into priority sectors of economy and social sphere. Among them are listed health, education, industry, agriculture, construction, municipal economy, transport and energy infrastructure, and financial services. Vladimir Putin has defined the increase of internal costs for the development of the digital economy at the expense of all sources no less than three times in comparison with 2017 year. Very similar to another one of the Kremlin’s “national idea” — import substitution, which was pumped billions of budgetary allocations, while imports only grew. Import substitution was preceded by exactly the same divorced from the reality of reports and declarations, empty formulas and some shaman spells.

So really no one understood, but in the eyes of the voter and by the Kremlin’s instructions looked menacing and “edible”.

Walking in the forefront of Putin’s digital reforms, Shklyaruk proposes to introduce “state platform with a built-in mechanism for exclusion of the conflict”. Absolutely serious offers. How you can create a “built-in mechanism to avoid conflict” in society, which is part of the material world consisting of interacting with other individuals, between which the very nature implied the possibility of a conflict? It is a conflict of good and evil, labour and capital, dogmatism, and creativity, and ways to resolve them solely in finding a compromise. And it is the state as the political form of social organization, and must provide this compromise.

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If the state leaves the solution of problems of social balance, that included other mechanisms of radicalization of the conflict with subsequent state collapse or severe totalitarianism with prisons, gallows, gallows. What is meant Shklyaruk? There can be no “built-in mechanism”, and even in the digital technologies. Or talk about the digital camp? Unhappy Russia and its people that these schemers involved in the creation, and in fact, the cooking, the fundamental doctrines of the state.

But should we be surprised? The state in Putin’s Russia has ceased to perform its role of organizing society. He is now prescribed a new feature of the service provider. As a commercial shop, Shoe kiosk, the co-operative. That is, in effect, ruling group quiet glanders embeds the state in the global business as a service Corporation cog. Not a business adapts to the state and society, and Vice versa. Here and Shklyaruk, presenting the report focuses on the orientation of the state is not on the citizen, and the “user”, “client”.

And not every citizen can be a “client”. Platform change management model envisages a departure from state — dealer services — state management-life situations. Simply state — “ambulance”. Of bad state in a even more horrible, unworthy, chaotic, unplanned.

В чём «прорыв»?

Looking at the screenshot-frame taken from the video report, you find that such situations can be buying a home, buying a car, traveling, starting a business… This is despite the fact that for most Russians, where the global face issues of work, income, social security, security, access to education, medicine, etc, and “ambulance”, but not for all citizens, and for the better.

But if the digital innovations like this will be pushed as a state doctrine, that brief hour, the whole society will be divided against itself. That is, in the same state in parallel, will be two groups, one of which will successfully use public services online and to manage their life situations based on their requests, and the second will get them via traditional channels, according to the residual principle.

As said in the message to the Federal Assembly President Putin, “For all who want to work, to Express themselves, willing to serve the Fatherland and people, to succeed, Russia will always be the land of opportunity”.

In the realities of Putin’s Russia, it means that some people, especially civil servants and officials of local self-government, will lose their jobs, while others, “wishing to Express themselves”, will overpay. There would be more property division. Hundreds of thousands of people will be on the street, because digital technology will completely change the labor market. In these conditions formed another paradox: reducing the cost of labor that is willing to pay the market may reduce the quality of this workforce. While the technological challenge, on the contrary, demands that this quality increased. What do you say Kremlin experimenters at this time? These people don’t fit into the digital economy? Just what kind of economy it? Surprisingly, but computers and the personal database may be useful in the field of trade, services, entertainment, speculation, everything about the actual production — all committed to other principles. Computerization has not improved life, social protection and productivity of the publishing houses and mass-media, utilities and metallurgy, construction and agriculture. Robotics can raise standards, but to narrow the social impact, deepening the well-known conflict between labor and capital.

The idea of digitalization of the state economy in any case rests on the simulation activities, with no participation of scientists either in creating programs or in the implementation of not only not seen, but not expected. With regard to the creation of personal data bases, monitoring, record keeping, computer accounting and systematization of interaction between state authorities and services, all this has the same relation to the state’s economy, like watering the flowers in the office to the production of missiles. Besides all of the above does not require any huge amounts in Putin’s Russia, as shown by the realities of someone successfully mastered and cut.

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As you can see in the Center of strategic development realization of his (presidential and governmental) of the project? Here’s how: “Many functions that the state today spends a lot of resources avtomatiziruete with applications developed both by the state and commercial companies, and socially-oriented organizations”.

Only the application — and the government will free up billions of funds? Don’t believe it. But I don’t see advanced, intelligent, detailed response and prognosis. Not see the future shape of the digital state in which driving Russia.

And how personal data will be protected? Here’s how: “Implements triple protection: (1) data on citizens, companies and public institutions; (2) integration of all elements of the state platform with a built-in mechanism to avoid conflicts; (3) large systems, including critical infrastructure”.

Again see image and system protect, read only three paragraphs with the intentions.

What, according to CSR, will become the state apparatus? We read: “He will turn into a small and highly professional service, providing the most complex functions and working in interaction with automated systems. The officers will become the engineers of public administration, customizing conveyors of government functions”.

It’s like in the Polish film “New Amazons”? And what “strategy” you will get another large group of people, professionals, patriots, which the digital economy will throw out the lifelines of the ship of state? Personally the author has not seen the answers to these questions, but found the surface approach “strategy” to the wording, which can stand the fate of millions of people and the Russian state. Chubais, too, have not seen, completing the destruction of the country, prescribed by Western advisors.

“These technologies require a change management model”, — said Rapporteur Mariya Shklyaruk. It would be interesting to explore what kind of management model is it? If you change the whole dispensation of the state system with the transition to socialized rails with guarantees of democracy, there is backlash for discussion. If failure means a continuation of Putin’s policies and their exacerbation total digitalization, surveillance, control, so worthless projects.

Moreover, the authors do not see how quickly can these changes occur, considering that “the transition from the current management system to a new platform should be gradual, that preserves the existing mechanisms of the authorities.”

To put it simply, the timing can not see or predict, the mechanisms of governance prevailing at the time of Putin, I do not propose to touch. What is “breakthrough”?

Right write in the address of the Centre is slain, and the Party of a new type of our supporters: “That’s where the audit chamber, the FSB, the investigative Committee, Prosecutor General’s office? After all, the money that these types probably eat from the state budget do not spend on this nonsense!” Nothing to add…

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