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What is a “binary mechanic”?

Talking about mechanics, which costs two dimensions: “kilo” and “meter”. And in this mechanics, no “seconds”.

The tenets of “binary mechanics”.

First, all bodies in the Universe are in constant change.

Secondly, the change of one body corresponds to the change in other bodies.

Thirdly, the amount of change of one body, as a rule, not equal to the number of changes of other bodies.

Fourth, the number of changes of the body can be correlated with the number of changes of other bodies (the reference bodies).

Under the “reference body” means a body whose change is cyclical.

And we are talking about changing the characteristics of bodies and the location of one of the bodies relative to the other.

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Yes, I forgot.

And what “time” in mechanics of binary?

“Time” is the number of the same changes of the reference bodies.

Let’s go further.

Earlier I already wrote that for the mechanical system as the unit changes, you can take not only the revolutions of the Earth around the Sun, but the distance that some Equatorial point is held in the space during the rotation of the Earth around the Sun.

Thus, as the unit of measurement of changes of other bodies may well be a suitable distance expressed in “meters”.

From school textbooks in physics it is known that there is such a value as “speed of a moving body”, which is calculated as the ratio of the path, which was a moving body for a specific period of time, to the value of this segment. That is, the speed units: “meter”/”second”.

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However, if the unit of change to take the value of the way that the Equatorial point on the Earth’s surface goes around the Sun,… speed becomes a dimensionless quantity. Since we are talking about dimensions: “meter”/ “metre”.

This implies that the so-called “speed of a moving body” is nothing like the way one body to the path that passes the reference body (say, Earth is in the process of rotation around the Sun).

Thus, theoretically, the mechanics can do only two dimensions.





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