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What infuriates Russians in America. The pros and cons of USA

Что бесит россиянина в Америке. Плюсы и минусы США

Video blogger Ilya third year studying in the States. This young Russian has made the TOP, which talked about the bad and good qualities of the United States, he was wildly furious at America and Americans, and that on the contrary – it is admirable.

5 things enrage in the United States
As you know, I am a student at American University, live in a Dorm and so today I want to shoot more live video, stand on a white background and show it like it is.

Things in America that really piss me off, enraged I would even say.

Just want to say that I love this country, I’m here, I live here, I like everything here. But I love Russia more.

As in any other place in the world there are things that irritate. Go!

#1 Prices in the shops
The first thing that really pisses me off, is the prices in the shops, which are written without taxes. So you know, Yes, Russia come into the store, it says 150 rubles, and you know what it will cost 150 rubles at the box office, will pay 150 rubles.

In America, it is generally not true: the price is written $ 15; you come to the cashier and pay the 16.5.

Why? Because VAT is not included in the price. It’s really annoying.

For some small purchases it is a trifle, but when it’s $ 100… And you think that will pay $ 100, and the cashier turns 110. 10 dollars is already a significant difference, and this, of course, you need to get used to.

Need to live here for a certain amount of time to eventually get used to the fact that prices don’t specify the tax.

#2 Tip
The second thing that is also annoying, by the way also applies to money. It’s a tip.

What if it is normal that a lot of waiters live off their tips because they have small salaries, but in America it works: here give a 10% tip is an insult to the waiter. You bring a check, and it says that tea 15%, 20% or 25%, where 25% – this means that you simply satisfied with the service!

If you think about it 25% of the price is mad money. Seriously, that’s a lot. So you ate $ 100, you still have 25 to give to tell you that you’re loved; or $ 15, which is still a lot, if you don’t like.

In General, it’s really very annoying, and as I said 10% tip is really to insult the waiter!

We had a story with friends: the four of us “ate” for $ 80. It is about twenty on the man, and left a tip: something so I took off, all was fine there, two bucks – in the end, $ 10 put. It turns out this is slightly more than 10%.

The restaurant Manager and asks: “and what exactly You did not like tell”.

And at me here such idea: 10% is in Russia leave, it’s really a lot!

If the company ate 4,000 rubles, 400 rubles leave – and that’s decent money.

And here you come and say: “What didn’t you like”. Angry.

#3 the English system of measurement
The third point is probably the most huge my headache and not just me, every person who comes to America.

It’s not the metric system of measurement. The English system of measurement. Everyone knows that in America, miles, feet, inches, Fahrenheit, a sediment full, in which normal people, Europeans and indeed the whole world, they do not understand it at all.

In the world there are only 3 countries if I’m not mistaken, which have a this English system, and England is not included there: this is America, America, Liberia and Myanmar.

Given that we now have all sorts of devices and stuff, it’s not such a big problem, as it was before, but still it is very angry: you Wake up, have a friend ask, “Hey, you were on the street, how many degrees?”.

He says, “75 degrees”. And you think: “I have no idea what it means”. I am a normal person, I believe in degrees Celsius. No need to come up with Fahrenheit.

This is typical of America, they had something for them “high”! In short, it is very annoying to many countries.

By the way many countries are asking America to switch to metric system and it could be done, but the problem is that then one would have to spend insane amounts of money on road signs throughout the country because they are given in feet and so the Americans do not.

#4 Screwed to the wall shower
This item you can really seem some carbon monoxide will think I’m frivolous, but for me it really problem, annoying!
In America almost everywhere in the hostel, in many homes the shower as if screwed into the wall.

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This is such a typical American thing. If in Russia it it is as if the hose it, it is possible to remove certain parts of the body wash, then America is screwed. You have no idea how annoying this is.

That is, if you want to soak your head, go “spolocnost” no! My whole body. Angry.

#5 American food
Well, the last thing I would like to point out – this is American food.

I’ll be honest, I don’t like the culture of food consumption in America. The portions here are large, they are not useful. I can’t say that I’m a vegetarian or try particularly good to eat, but still notice after living here for already the third year that there is not a rush.

For example, order salad at the restaurant, I think that the salad is a diet thing. Here make a huge bowl of oily sauce, mayonnaise or whatever. Sit eat like a pig, with this bucket.

Hence understand why so many Americans are fat. The portions are huge, not useful, and if useful want to eat or buy healthy food, it will cost you a lot of money.


Five advantages of living in America
5 things that impress me here. Go!

#1 attitude to the sport
The first thing that I would like to say, this attitude towards the sport. Who was in America probably noticed, it’s unreal the number of courts, football fields, basketball courts and so on. Even in cities such as new York, which is not so much free space still there is a place under the football field. My life example: I have literally 2 minutes from the hostel has a great football field with artificial turf, and me, as a player, it cannot but rejoice.

And in fact, this approach to sports is yielding results. It is not surprising that America is so well favored in various Olympiads and other international sports competitions. I like football especially nice around him to see such a serious attitude to the sport.

#2 Cultural diversity
The next point about which I would like to tell and I really like it here. Here is a very large cultural diversity.

Probably a big role for me played by the factor that I live in new York, one of the most international cities in the world, but still it does not negate this fact. For example, a pair of in the morning… you Know, to the left of you sits a man from Italy, right Spaniard, front American, and you yourself Russian from the city of Samara, on the Volga. Plus it can also be observed in such restaurants, cafes, hard to find any world cuisine here in new York.

It’s really impressive, and difficult in cultural diversity not to admire.

#3 interest Rates on loans
Since I am a financier, I can not tell about some of the black in America, which deals with money. I want to say about interest rates on loans and mortgages here in the US. If we draw a parallel with Russia, everyone understands that this is not the easiest economic situation in the country, but still if you look at the average credit rate in Russia, it will be from 13 to 20% depending on the Bank. In America the situation is radically different: here, the average mortgage rate for 30 years at about 4% per annum, so very many Americans in General calm myself at a young age take out a loan for 30 years and then half a lifetime to pay it, while living in a great luxurious house, which is on the loan in General and bought it.

Very pleasant to realize that in America such an economic course that his citizens there is a great opportunity.

#4 Taxation
Taxation. As in many other countries, here the majority of the population has employer who pays the wages. So at the end of each month when the salary comes, a certain percentage of the salary goes to tax. As you know, a tax is progressive, i.e. the more you earn, the more you pay. So it turns out that in most cases this tax, which goes out automatically from your paycheck, it is a little more than you have to pay on that day, there are many tax breaks. For example, if you have a mortgage, your tax will be less.

Therefore, in America there is such a thing as a tax refund – a tax refund.

If you have friends in America, you won’t let me lie that every American has the day when you get a check from the American state for a certain amount, in other words tax refund is a big celebration. This is such an interesting and definitely positive nuance of American life that I wanted to share with you.

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#5 Human relationships
Many people know that in America people are all open, smiling, cheerful. There can be man to step on the foot, and he was gonna apologize for what stood there.

Many say that this is partly the hypocrisy, and I’m with these people disagree. It is impossible for all to be equally open and predisposed to constantly smile, but still, to be honest, after spending two full years here, I can say that it affects your mood and influences it in a positive way, because after all it’s these little nuances that are added to the overall positive picture.


Five minuses Americans

#1 Hypocrisy
Every day I contact with them with the Americans, and they, like any other nation, has its own peculiarities: its disadvantages and its advantages. The first point that I would like to bring up is a well known fact that Americans are hypocritical.

To some extent, it’s not bad that you’re walking down the street and see a man who smiles at you. He didn’t smile at you, he doesn’t know you, but he’s still smiling, and it’s uplifting. But as in any other things, all should be the measure. Sometimes people here of hypocrisy “over the top”. This is evident not only from the counter, but in the Dating.

That is, you see people smiling at you today, but tomorrow might not say the nicest things behind your back. Here’s a well-known American feature, and nothing will make have to put up with it. But it is definitely a minus for me.

#2 Overliberal
I hope you understand what I mean by that: it’s all geyparady, the adoption of laws in all States that can enter into same-sex marriages.

Not that I’m homophobic, I thing that it didn’t touch me and my family, my children’s future.
I just think that this topic is receiving too much attention. I think there are more important topics that could really pay more attention.

Here, you’re just seeing these liberal themes at every step.
Example: sit on Facebook and constantly see the posts of all sorts of minorities about how they are all bad. To me these things I want them to write: “Guys, head to the South-East Europe. When you return, you will feel that you have no problems. You don’t have to whine. Seriously.”

#3 American independence from the opinions of others
With this annoying drawback I face constantly. Imagine the situation: you go to a University and see a man with blue hair. OK. You’re a person, you just kind of Express themselves as they want. But you need to know the measure.

Constantly faced with something like that. People dressed in strange clothes. And the one in which our University even Russian would not be allowed.

People are exaggerating his Nezavisimosti very big disadvantage.

#4 American girls
Talk about the most lovely on this planet. This, of course, girls.

In America, this is also your problem. The fact that here the girls are too assertive and independent. It is also found at every step, and for me, as a person of the more traditional country – Russia – is the great American disadvantage. You used to take the image of the girl as an image of something with such a tender, quiet. She wants to enjoy. And then at every step… for Example, see three brats playing football. A lot of girls here absolutely unfeminine.

It is a normal situation, when you sit on a pair of girls in the shales. Not in the beach, and sports. Well, you understand what I mean.
It’s annoying. I’m from Russia, and a girl for me is something beautiful. Russia decided that the girl must be well-groomed. Maybe I’m too conservative. But I hope you understand, for me it is too negative.

#5 Completely different understanding of friendship
In Russia, all your friends are your brothers. They will arrive on the arrow for you all. What I saw here was a surprise. I have lived here for two complete years and was well aware of this and learned.

Maybe it’s because in Russia you make friends since childhood, they grow with you. Perhaps here I still did not know true friendship, but at the moment I can say one thing: for Americans, the word “friendship” doesn’t mean as much as it means for the Russian people. It is my personal conclusion from this situation.

Would like to see the people you called friends were a little more open, would come to the rescue in any situation: not that I needed that help and just at least realize that there are people behind you, ready to help.

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