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What gasoline to pour into the tank: 92nd, 95th, or 98th?

Какой бензин лить в бак: 92-й, 95-й или 98-й?

Is it true that the 95-th petrol very lot of additives and therefore it is better to fill in ‘ 92? And is it true that the 98th wash the engine and it would be good sometimes to pour for prevention?

The choice of fuel for the car was 25 years ago, the only difference is that before people had to choose between 76-m from a dealer, which cost half the cost, and 92 m from the gas station. The economic benefit in the case of the overlap potential harm, so many flooded low-octane gasoline, contrary to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

92 instead of 95 octane

Today the price difference between the 92 th and 95-th is about 3 rubles. That is, the savings on one tank is about 150 rubles. 1000 rubles will be able to save at least 5 thousand kilometers. And 10 000 rubles — only 50 thousand kilometers. During this time of repairs due to improper fuel, you can spend much more.

But what does “improper fuel”? Wrong is that which is not allowed to be used by the manufacturer. That is, if you have the manual or on the filler flap says “not below Ron 95”, a 92-Oh gasoline will be incorrect for this machine, even though that feels like the car goes no worse. And it’s not that the motor is calibrated for a certain type of fuel. And that, if the motor something happens during the warranty, the service first will take on the analysis of the fuel. And if the tank is not something that recommended by the manufacturer, no warranty repair is not out of the question.

However, there are nuances. For example, the same French K4M engine under the hood of Lada Largus requires only 95 minutes, but under the hood of the Nissan Almera, Renault Logan and Sandero can work on the ‘ 92. Moreover, Renault even admits short-term work of the engine on fuel with an octane rating of 87 research method, that is, even on low-quality ‘ 92 motor will not die.

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Why, then, so residents are strongly advised to fill the tanks in only 95 minutes? The engineers explain it the best fuel efficiency, acceleration and environmental friendliness. Plus, sometimes talking about some technological reserve and the reinsurance, they say, we all understand, in what country you live in and how gasoline is made. Therefore, if the recommended 95th, and the tank will get something worse, will not be afraid, and if recommended will be the 92nd in the tank gets something worse, then responsible for the motor failure should be the manufacturer. Here he is reinsured.

And yet. In addition to the desire to save money, many drivers, filling 92 instead of the 95, hide behind the fact that in our ’95 too many harmful additives and’ 92 at least and lower the octane number, better it is. In fact, the rumors about the disgusting quality 95-octane gasoline is exaggerated. Yeah, he’s not perfect, but if you refuel at gas stations branded, no crime will not.

Moreover, you understand, in Europe a long time ago there is no 92 octane. Only 95, 98, 100 and other fuels. So if you have a European car or a car that is sold, including in Europe, a clear choice will the 95th. Even if the flap or the user is allowed to use 92-octane.

95 instead of 92

If the manual recommends to fill in ‘ 92, as, for example, on older cars or domestic Zhiguli, the 95th is also possible, nothing bad will happen. But, as many mistakenly believe, won’t go any faster.

95 instead of 98

The difference in price between 95 and 98 m are more tangible, and therefore (and also because the 95th is still considered the basic fuel for modern diesel cars in Europe) if the statement allows for both fuels, you can constantly refuel 95th, and 98th fill only during very hot days. Why? The fact that the higher the temperature, the greater the risk of detonation and high octane fuel, this risk is reduced.

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But if the engine is recommended exclusively 98th without any reservations, I-95 is not to indulge in — it could end badly. Usually 98th recommended to pour into a very modern engines with high efficiency and sophisticated electronics. These motors are extremely sensitive and picky about fuel quality, so they replace the 98-th and 95-octane is much more sensitive than the substitution of the 95th to the 92nd in engines that are designed for the 95th. I’m not talking about that one-time fill the tank of 95-octane will lead to the overhaul of the engine, I say that we can’t continue to pour 95th. By doing this, you would borrow the motor — now save, then to spend on repairs.

98 instead of 95 and 92-octane

If you have the money and desire to fill 98 instead of 95, feel free to do it, nothing bad will happen. Modern engines have systems that are adapted to the fuel. A higher octane rating, in contrast to lower, for almost all machines is harmless.

Now a few words about the benefits of 98-octane gasoline. Recently, the producers and refills are campaigning to pour into the machine only the 98th petrol (or even 100-th — already have this). Clear the arguments for this, only unsubstantiated phrase that 98th supposedly better and that’s it. I can’t say anything because no experiments and laboratory experiments were not conducted.

And about the cleaning additives can only say one thing — if you pour the 98th constantly, then Yes, the motor will be cleaner. But if you fill it occasionally, it is possible to make even worse, washing off some large piece of sediment, which then gets to where he doesn’t need to be.


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