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What are the similarities between trump, Leonardo DiCaprio and Boeing Malaysia?

Что общего между Трампом, Ди Каприо и боингами Малайзии?

Stock up on popcorn. Now I’ll tell You Oh***ing story that began a few years ago, but its consequences still affect the foreign policy of some States.

All remember the wonderful film “the Wolf of wall Street”, but not all heard about the international financial fraud, with the creation of this film.

Let’s start in order.
1MDB — the Malaysian state investment Fund, founded in 2009 with the direct involvement of Prime Minister Najib Razak. For several years the Fund has accumulated nearly $ 11 billion of debt, the organization repeatedly accused of corruption.

The most striking was a scandal in July 2015, when it turned out that on account of the Prime Minister of Malaysia was 700 million dollars transferred from 1MDB.

The opposition demanded his resignation, but Najib, he got out, saying that the money he donated to the Royal family of Saudi Arabia.

The story is not over. In July 2016, the U.S. justice Department began an investigation against 1MDB employees who are suspected of embezzling and laundering $ 3.5 bn.

The investigation claims that the money was transferred to USA and used to buy expensive paintings, real estate, aircraft (Boeing), as well as the movie “the Wolf of wall Street” with DiCaprio in the lead role. The actor bought the rights to this movie back in 2007. His idea DiCaprio have cherished for a very long time, so the world can see the picture only in 2013.

Why Malaysia has to spend the money to shoot the film?

It’s very simple. Company Red Granite Pictures, which produced the film is based stepson of the Malaysian Prime Minister Riza Aziz.

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Что общего между Трампом, Ди Каприо и боингами Малайзии?

in the photo: left producer Riza Aziz, right, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak

After that the U.S. justice Department accused the company of using a $ 100 million on a film that illegally brought 1MDB. Except for the stepson of the Prime Minister of Malaysia in the documents of the Ministry of justice appeared Malaysian businessman Joe Lowe, who is called a friend of DiCaprio.

DiCaprio has repeatedly thanked Aziz and lo for assistance in making the film, but the part in any wrongdoing denies.

Even Leo has a charitable Foundation: The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF), which deals with the protection of the environment.

The Swiss Foundation for the protection of the jungle in Malaysia (Bruno Manser Funds) have accused DiCaprio in receiving donations from people involved in the fraud. Later they even invited the actor to abandon the post of UN Ambassador on climate change. However, the UN, this initiative was not supported.

After 3 months of official representatives of Leonado DiCaprio commented on the accusations against the actor. It turns out that he learned about it from the media back in July, and immediately contacted the Ministry of justice to find out whether the actor involved in the fraud money, and if so — to return them “as soon as possible”.

DiCaprio in this story got lucky. I wonder if it will work with the Prime Minister of Malaysia to get away with it?

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12 September 2017 in the White house Najib Razak met with trump, who praised him for his investment in the United States, as if not noticing the American investigation and corruption scandal.

Najib announced that Malaysia Airlines will soon buy 25 Boeing 737 aircraft and eight 787 Dreamliners, and the Malaysian reserve Fund (pension Fund) wants to spend 3-4 billion dollar infrastructure development in the United States.

The white house declined to comment to the press regarding the investigation of the Ministry of justice. And it is not necessary. While under investigation, Najib is in limbo and will seek support in the United States.

The reason of high activity of Najib “General elections” in Malaysia, which will host the 2018. The Prime Minister wants to show itself to be a reliable “partner”, therefore actively investing in the United States. Who knows, maybe it will help with the election campaign. No wonder he after a visit to the White house stayed in an international hotel trump.

For those who have not mastered this interesting article, I would say that all these people connect money, which, as practice shows, not smell. From this story it appears that the White house supports those corrupt officials, who are actively investing in the United States. Even if You brought the case is not a problem. Importantly – the benefits that You bring to the States.


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