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Secret weapon: North Korea has something even scarier bombs


Newspaper Nodong Sinmun published an article which stated that in the event of a military conflict with the Americans, the DPRK “will surely win”. The publication is confident that the country “has created a powerful strike means beyond imagination, will surely win” in the war.   Why North Koreans such …

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Against whom Ukraine is arming gromadyan


“Independence” has decided to turn into the Wild West Every Ukrainian should have the right to bear arms for self-defense. This idea was announced on television by the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Lieutenant General Anatoly Matios. According to the Prosecutor, this will allow citizens “in the case of the …

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In the United States called the most powerful weapon of Russia


Analyst for The National Interest Nicholas Myers on the pages of the magazine listed the most powerful and modern weapons, which have a Russian military. According to experts, the potential risk for the US and allies can provide anti-aircraft missile system large and medium-range Triumph (s-400), operational-tactical missile complex “Iskander-M”, …

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About “Primate” need to be told


On Friday it became known about the desire of Regardie to prohibit in Russia the free circulation of air gun. At the briefing the Department told the chief of licensing of the Central Board of Regardie the General-the major of police Leonid Reference. According to him, providing for a new …

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NI: Russian exercises “West-2017” has demonstrated the latest weapons


Particularly appreciated the author gives tactical missile complexes “Iskander”, coastal missile systems “Bal” and antiaircraft missile systems With-400 “Triumph”. In the list of “real technological innovation” The National Interest also mentions improved systems of electronic reconnaissance, in particular drones, as well as systems using GLONASS.   “Iskander” was demonstrated at …

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Armageddon on the day of birth Poroshenko


Military warehouses in the winery burned down after publications in Europe about the secret sale of Ukrainian weapons to Africa The birthday of Peter Poroshenko considers himself the President of Ukraine, was marked by a total detonation of the military Arsenal in the Vinnitsa region. Is sunset on September 26 …

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Savchenko tied a fire near Vinnitsa illegal arms trade


Ukrainian war criminal and Verkhovna Rada Deputy Savchenko is suspected that the fire occurred in the warehouses of ammunition near Vinnitsa, could be organized to conceal the illicit arms trade. Writes about this “Constantinople”. “We see a lot of warehouses in Ukraine, who undermined. As they are undermined, will establish …

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