Tuesday , July 25 2017
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Tank and fighter


The governments of Germany and France agreed on closer cooperation in defence and education. Germany and France cooperate closely on a number of defense projects, including the creation of a new European fighter aircraft, patrol aircraft base aircraft and tanks. These are the results of a joint Franco-German Cabinet meeting …

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Germany sell arms to Egypt and Saudi Arabia


A decision on selling weapons made in the interests of security, said the government. The opposition believes otherwise. The German government approved the sale of weapons to two middle East States. About it last week, reported Reuters. Saudi Arabia will receive four patrol ships running protection, built on the Lürssen-Werft, …

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To Russians can allow carrying of handguns


The Russians may allow the carrying of handguns. Photo: Niels Noordhoek / Wikipedia As reported by “Vesti FM”, a bill to permit handguns to be submitted for consideration to the State Duma in the beginning of 2018. Initiative of the bill belongs to the Chairman of the Federation Council Alexander …

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Laser gun USA is not a weapon


A message to CNN about the trials of the U.S. Navy laser gun in the Persian Gulf became the number one news in the global military reports in recent days. The demonstration is unique in its tactical characteristics of the new types of weapons already built by American propaganda to …

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The UN “did not notice” the flow of Iranian weapons to Lebanon

UN refuses to comment on the construction in Lebanon of Iranian weapons factories. UN spokesman evaded a direct answer to the question of Israeli correspondent about whether Iran is building in Lebanon in secret arms factories for the terrorist organization “Hezbollah”, said the radio station “Reshet bet”. He said that …

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The “drunk” crimes may not be allowed to carry guns


This initiative was made by Regardie. We are talking about citizens who have committed a serious crime or a crime in a condition of alcoholic intoxication. About this sentence, said the chief of licensing and the state control of Regardie Leonid Reference, – writes today “the Russian newspaper”. According to …

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Senator: against Russia applied climate weapon


Senator Catherine Lakhova suggested that Russia used a climate weapon. Her words to the radio station “Echo of Moscow”. “I agree with experts who say that there is no climate weapons has not been. It is known that using climate weapons can affect the weather by special technology, and therefore …

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Kiev threatens to create a “unique weapons”


Fantasy on Ukrainian officials or military experts all know firsthand. Kiev is already the fourth year trying to prove to the world that the APU is the most powerful army in the world, but never achieved the coveted recognition. However, a few setbacks stop dreamy Ukrainians. Instead, they come up …

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