Friday , November 17 2017
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The Syrian military lost Russian-supplied weapons


The militants of the Islamist group “Ahrar al-sham” attacked the base of the Syrian army in Eastern ghouta, one of the areas of de-escalation in the country. It is reported by Telegram-channel Dicrectorate 4 dealing with review of the activities of terrorists. The Islamists got Kalashnikovs, a few jet flame …

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Zakharchenko has threatened to use against Kiev high-precision weapons


photo: Donetsk people’s Republic will respond to a possible attack by Ukrainian forces using precision weapons. This statement was made by the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko. According to Zakharchenko, during the existence of the self-proclaimed state of its defense industry has mastered the production of “high-tech” weapons. In …

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We don’t go mad from freedom


I wonder why among those of the millions of compatriots who moved to the country with permission to freely purchase/possession of weapons, did not happen spontaneous epidemic of murders, of executions of the population, armed clashes and robberies. There are, of course, the Russian mafia, but that’s another story, they …

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Russia may revive the Soviet weapon of retaliation


Frozen in 1991, the secret project “the Courier” can get a second life after the US withdrawal from the Treaty on the destruction of ballistic missiles of medium and shorter-range missiles, says the magazine “Military-industrial courier”. An anonymous source in the Russian defense industry told Kommersant: “If the Americans will …

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Стеклотара везде востребована

Стеклотара – это вид упаковки, для изготовления которой используют стекло. Стеклотара – это обширная группа стеклянной упаковки, которую используют как в пищевой отрасли, так и в химической промышленности, сельском хозяйстве, косметологии и фармацевтике. Стеклотара отличается от других видов упаковки не только материалом, но и габаритными размерами, а также назначением.

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I’ll give you “Makarych”


Concern “Kalashnikov” holds, I’m sorry, the trunk in the wind. Realizing that the salaries of journalists is not very large, and the situation is alarming, we will make a discount. They make us a discount and we will make them cash. Buy airguns and will go to work with a …

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The Kalashnikov concern is ready to arm journalists


Concern “Kalashnikov” has offered a 10 percent discount to employees in the Russian media on the purchase of a traumatic gun MP-80-13T (traumatic gun on the basis of the Makarov pistol). “Concern “Kalashnikov” in favor of responsible gun ownership and supports the legitimate right of citizens to protect themselves”, – …

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