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Artificial intelligence – the weapons of the XXI century


Even some 20 years ago a powerful weapon, against which no antidote was considered to be atomic and thermonuclear bombs. Today, as the super weapon of the XXI century scientists define the self-learning artificial intelligence system. But, like nuclear, the creation of new weapons on forces only the leading powers …

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Nine dead bodies and the right to arms.


How to live in the village after the brutal murder of nine people: maybe to have a gun at home? the village of Redkino, Tver region in the night from 3 to 4 June in the garden Association “50 years of October” local electrician came with a carbine “saiga” on …

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Deputies will give a weapon


The head of the German foreign Ministry is in favour of policy reform in the export of military products in Germany. Two and a half years ago the Federal constitutional court of Germany decided that the Federal government is obliged to fully inform the Bundestag about the export of arms. …

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Gun rights: should Russia go the way of USA


In the night from 3 to 4 June in the village of Redkino, Tver region, an electrician from Moscow Sergey Egorov in a state of intoxication committed mass murder because of household quarrel. Fight about something with the guests of a friend during the feast, he took home a hunting …

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New Russian nuclear weapons will also be on Belarusian chassis


interaction in the creation of the new Russian mobile missile system “Frontier”.     The other day a military expert Konstantin Dushenov in an interview with the Internet “Day TV” gave very interesting information about Intercontinental missile complex RS-26 “Rubezh” (“YARS-M”), which is a new word in Russian weapons. And …

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Ukrainians may be allowed to freely carry a gun


Ukrainian MPs are preparing a bill on the free possession of weapons. About this on air of the Ukrainian “Fifth channel” said the head of the parliamentary Committee on national security and defence Sergey Pashinsky, reports “I know that my colleagues are now writing the bill. I’m ready to …

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