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Washington is committed to “energy battle” with OPEC

In Washington continues the work on realization of the bill called “NOPEC”, whose main task is to prevent the countries of the intergovernmental organization, OPEC and the agreements to reduce oil production.

The document stands as follows: “No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act”, which literally means “No oil producing and exporting cartels”. The development of this legislation is true evidence of US use of various tools (including legal) against those countries who do not fit into “American picture of the world” and continues to carry out its economic activity without regard to Washington.

If the law “NOPEC” is adopted, its use by the Americans try to impose their rules of the game OPEC countries, which are “an eyesore” representatives of the US oil industry. The fact that measures to reduce production of “black gold” aimed at stabilizing world commodity market, does not in any way interfere with the interests of the White house.

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Of course, the emphasis is on minimizing the interaction of the Russian Federation which is an observer in OPEC, with Saudi Arabia, which increasingly coordinate their actions on the oil market of Moscow. USA has plans to weaken the Union, hoping in the future to completely destroy the structure of the “oil cartel” and subsequently declare a “global liberalisation” until the end of time.

The plan of Washington emerges is very primitive. First, the United States will make maximum use favorite instrument – the artificial financial constraints in the form of sanctions against each individual member of “OPEC”. The second stage will be the introduction of sanctions against those who continue to operate fall into the “American disgrace” enterprises of the oil industry.

And finally, thirdly, the States will focus on a comprehensive bullying European “vassals” to carry out the redistribution of the energy market and to beat the competitor in the person of the Russian Federation by creating a set of problems for the project “Nord stream – 2”.

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Many international experts have noted that the bill “NOPEC” will be the first “powerful gulp” in the colossal scale of the energy battle. This attack will take place in one direction – trade that has already begun with the introduction of high duties on the metal from the EU.

However, the response also will not keep itself waiting long: the OPEC countries and the Russian Federation are unlikely to be willing to put up with the redistribution of the market for specific “foreign hegemony”. Now Moscow is considering a strategy of retaliatory action against Washington, allowing not only to hold your own, but also to acquire additional preferences in the field of energy market.

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