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Was it necessary to storm the Reichstag in 1945?

Dmitry Chekalkin:

Why do they need the Reichstag? Yearmates and so is that storm…
It is necessary to pump pobedobesie on the eve of the 9th of may.

Just imagine how would have screamed the Russian authorities, who constructed a copy of the Reichstag if Germany for training has built a replica of the Kremlin!

Andrey Shumylo:
A DNR decided to build the layout of the supermarket “Metro” in full size below “nanoverse” could learn to attack a specific object.

In the suburbs, in addition to the Reichstag Shoigu, Regardie build Buchenwald, and the FSB – Gestapo.

Andrei Malgin:

The capture of the Reichstag and heroic hoisting the red flag is a good example of Soviet myth-making:
After the Reichstag fire of 1933 was not restored and not really used. Sometimes the Nazis were led tours in the burned hall and there read the anti-Semitic lecture. His capture in 1945, Soviet troops made no sense. It was empty, except for the unfortunate battalion of cadets of the naval school of Rostock. Like Winter, which the Bolsheviks defended Juncker, have children, and then it got. The whole “storm” lasted a few hours in the afternoon of 30 April (since Stalin, who liked the word “Reichstag”, gave the order to take him to the holiday on may 1) and was preceded by a ruthless artillery shelling of the building of heavy weapons from all parties, after which the soldiers marched to the attack on the ruin, many of the sticking of the stockpiled red flags on each floor of the destroyed building. The Reichstag was a block of government buildings, that’s when they take both sides suffered significant losses, which were later attributed entirely to losses in the capture of the Reichstag.

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Нужно ли было штурмовать Рейхстаг в 1945 году?

Нужно ли было штурмовать Рейхстаг в 1945 году?

Нужно ли было штурмовать Рейхстаг в 1945 году?

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