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Walking saves from premature death, the study showed

Ходьба спасает от преждевременной смерти, показало исследование

According to a new study conducted by the American cancer society to the risk of premature death has declined, it is enough to walk only 5 minutes a day. People with a minimum level of physical activity were less likely to die those whose life, physical activity is generally absent, writes The Daily Mail.

The researchers analyzed data from nearly 140,000 people. The average age of the volunteers was 70 years old. The researchers found that only 42% of participants aged 65 to 74 and 28% of volunteers aged 75 years and over were sufficiently active. Even those participants, who this week took place less than normal, lived longer volunteers, not walking at all.

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Walking substantially only reduced the risk of death from respiratory diseases. The people who have walked more than 6 hours a week, but have not performed any other exercise, died from respiratory diseases 35% less. In addition, walking reduced the risk of death from cancer by 9% and from cardiovascular disease by 20%. Recall: experts recommend a day pass 10,000 steps.

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