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Volvo halts development of new internal combustion engines

Volvo прекращает разработку новых двигателей внутреннего сгорания

One of the oldest global brands, Swedish Volvo, took a historic decision. As stated by the chief Executive officer håkan Samuelsson, the group ceases to develop new models of internal combustion engine.

Instead of investment in the development of such engines the group plans next 2019 release for each of their models with one or two hybrid modification, Samuelsson said in an interview with the relevant edition of Road & Track.

Thus, the existing range of petrol engines will be the last one for Volvo. The maximum that will do the concern, releasing new models is to modify the old motors, and the main direction of development will be hybrids, are equipped with high-speed motors.

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“This decision marks the end of an era of cars with petrol engines,” — said representatives of the group and added that by 2021, the company will release five “pure” electric cars. Two of these cars will be produced under the brand Polestar.

And the first all-electric model will be available in 2019. The highlight of the new line of Volvo will be the Electrification Modular Platform (MEP), which is now being developed. This platform will consist of standard easily replaceable modules that will make the electric vehicle cheaper to manufacture and repair.

Modular platform will be able to give the motor power from 100 KW to 450 KW, and the capacity of the battery pack will be 100 KWh. the machine will possess a system of high-speed charging. The developers plan to release an electric car both from the front and all-wheel drive.

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Note that last year at the exhibition in San Diego Volvo has introduced a hybrid vehicle with three-cylinder gasoline engine and electric propulsion. According to the company, he will go into the series this year.

All this is done within the framework of the new objectives of Volvo Cars, which recently announced the company’s management: by 2025, to produce 1 million electric cars. Apparently, this number includes not only pure electric cars, but hybrids.

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