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Visual art may be useful for patients with cancer

Визуальное искусство может быть полезным для пациентов с раком

In the new study, published in “European Journal of Cancer Care”, says that visual art can help reduce anxiety and improve mood in patients with cancer.

Scientists from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, evaluated with the help of art teachers, as a short-term bedside visual arts (BVAI) affects mood, level of pain and anxiety in 21 patients with hematological malignancies. BVAI goal was to teach participants the technique of this art in 30 minutes.

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The researchers found that patients had significant improvement of mood and pain levels as well as reducing anxiety. The vast majority of patients (95%) felt that BVAI was a positive experience and they would like to participate in future similar experiments (85%).

“This experience can be seen as complementary to traditional methods of treatment of patients with pain and symptoms associated with cancer,” the authors write.

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