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Victoria Skripal got in an accident

The niece of a former Colonel of the GRU, Sergei Skripal Victoria got in an accident in the Moscow region, and suggested that it could be attempted.

Victoria on Wednesday, my husband and I went by car from Yaroslavl to Moscow. She was planning to come on the air in the “case Skrobala,” reports “MK”.

Around 15.00 GMT the car drove in the Moscow region.

“We went with the allowed speed in the left lane, cars around, luckily, was not only in front of us was driving a single truck. Suddenly we heard a grinding noise and the car began to lose control, falling into the area of the front left wheel. The husband quickly responded and thereby saved us – he twisted the wheel to the right, and we are at full speed and fit in the bump”, she said.

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She noted that the blow part of the parts of the car flew into the oncoming lane. The couple were wearing seat belts, which saved their lives. They got out through the front passenger door and called the police.

Victoria Skripal believes that the accident could have been deliberate. According to her, balancing, wheels and suspension husband checked in the service a week ago.

“After that, the car all this time stood there, where there is always, in the yard of our house. Cameras are not around, might deliberately twist something,” she said.

In its assumptions, it may be due to the fact that she criticizes the investigation the media about the identity of the alleged suspects in the poisoning Skrobala.

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Earlier, Victoria Skripal stated that he believes in the innocence of Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov to the incident in Salisbury. Commenting on reports in the British media about the increasing number of “poisoners of Salisbury,” she said ironically that too soon may be among the suspects.

Before London called suspects in the assassination Skrobala in Salisbury: it’s supposedly “GRU officers” Petrov and Bashirov. They were interviewed by the chief editor MIA “Russia today” and RT Margarita Simonyan.

The newspaper LOOK told why they do not look like real scouts.

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