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Veterans of the DIA US: what weapons may be Russian?


Ветераны РУМО США: какое оружие может быть у русских?

The recently published report of the DIA (the Intelligence Department of the Ministry of defence) USA “Russian military power” has caused a heated discussion. And especially among the veterans of this Department, who accused his colleagues of acting in a very weak knowledge of the subject.

As you know, this 116-page report, the intelligence, DoD attempted to analyze the state and prospects of further development of the Russian Armed forces. But instead of a thorough review of the issue, it is a large part of the presentation was devoted to the so-called psychological and informational operations that, according to veterans, is a big mistake.


The part of the report which directly relates to the Russian army, only concerns the nuclear triad Russia. And there is no analysis of other components of the Russian army.

Veterans of the DIA US drew the attention of the President of the United States on the historical aspects that objectively it is difficult to obtain objective and truthful information about the real condition of the Russian army.

They cite examples where, prior to the impact of Hitler to the East, in Germany knew nothing about the latest examples of Soviet weapons, such as reactive system of volley fire BM-13 “Katyusha”, tanks T-34 and KV, as well as the world’s first armored attack aircraft “Il-2”.

The availability of such equipment was for the Wehrmacht a very unpleasant surprise, say the veterans of the DIA, and as you gain experience in the use of such equipment by the Soviets, she began to dominate on the battlefield. That ultimately led to the defeat of Germany.

In more recent times, the same sudden event for US was the appearance at the Russian fighter “MiG-27”, “MiG-29 and su-27, su-30, su-35,” the combat railway missile complex “Barguzin” and other types of weapons.

Then the veterans of the DIA tried to imagine what types of weapons can be had from Russia and came to very interesting conclusions.

So, they considered that in Russia on the basis of existing types of weapons may be created moving train missile weapons and air defense systems, disguised as ordinary trains. They are able to enter the launcher of cruise missiles “Caliber” missiles “Iskander” , as well as a powerful air defense in the structure of complexes “S-400 or s-500”, “Carapace-s”, etc.

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Given the capabilities of the Russian railway network, are the modern “armored” will be able to move at speeds of up to 1200 kilometers a day and quickly enhance the already existing forces in the theaters of military operations.

Since the maximum range of action of complexes “Caliber” and “Iskander” is still unknown, they may represent a significant threat to the armies of the United States and its allies. The presence of powerful defenses in these compositions will allow Russia in the shortest terms to provide air defense of its largest centers which makes the strategy of “prompt global strike” US meaningless blank piece of paper.

As for the cruise missiles, retired intelligence officers have suggested that if you run the group “Caliber”, some of them may be used as delivery vehicles reconnaissance UAV in order to Refine targeting for the remaining missiles.

Currently, according to the veterans of the DIA, Russia, acting in Syria, have shown not all its possibilities. In particular, this concerns military equipment videoconferencing. It can be installed not only the means of electronic countermeasures of the “Khibiny”, making us the electronic system if not useless, then at least significantly lost its effectiveness.

Russian, sure the veterans of the DIA, did not fail to create and test a new generation of aviation grenades for the protection of its aircraft and helicopters from air defense missiles.

Again, remembering the second world war, retired experts cite the example of the Soviet air grenade type “AG-2”. After dropping off the plane from special devices grenades under the action of the parachutes quickly lag behind the plane by a distance sufficient to actuate the remote detonator. When fired, the ammunition body is divided into 100-130 pieces, forming a zone of continuous defeat a radius of 8-10 m. the Individual fragments of the body of the munition flew at a distance of 40-50 m.

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In combat the pilots of Soviet bombers and ground-attack very effectively used this weapon. With planes “PE-2” or “Il-2” aircraft such grenades were used in series. For the application of garnet is required to let the enemy fighter 400-500 meters. To apply the “AG-2” had very skilfully, so as not to cause damage to their aircraft in formation. When you attack the enemy group of planes grenades were allowed to use only the crews of closing machines with respect to other of its planes in service.

Having effective active protection of tanks “arena” and “Afghani”, according to the veterans of the DIA US, Russian did not have to create them lightweight aircraft options that can successfully deal with anti-air missiles of all modifications.

In addition, the Russians have made great strides in creating fighting robots. The presence of such devices in conjunction with a huge number of fairly modern Russian tanks “T-72 or T-80”, equipped with automatic loader allows at low cost to create a large battle group of tanks consisting of 2-3 cars, of which only one is inhabited.

In this case, inhabited only be one command tank, which will be managed the rest, including the targeting and defeat of the target. The identification of such tanks manage to destroy them on the battlefield is very difficult, while the Russians will be able to concentrate the fire of several of their machines on a very small armored vehicle of NATO troops.

These and other examples testify to the loss of the existing American intelligence professionalism, are confident of their retired colleagues. They called RUMO USA and the administration of the President of trump to stop underestimating the Russian army and to use only verified information.

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