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Verzilov poisoning before investigating the deaths of journalists in the Central African Republic

The publisher “media zones” Pyotr Verzilov before the poisoning was investigating the death of Russian journalists in the Central African Republic.

As told two of his friends, Verzilov was friends with Alexander Rastorguev (one of the victims), therefore, was actively engaged in the murder investigation. Verzilov found the funding and people who understand the situation in the CAR on the spot. The investigation was conducted independently of the structures related to Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

The killing of journalists in the Central African Republic

At the end of July in the CAR found the bodies of three Russian journalists — Orhan Jemal, Alexander Rastorguev and Kirill Radchenko. The journalists arrived in Africa on the instructions of the control Center investigation (sdgs), which have previously been funded by Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

According to the official representative of the MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova, the purpose of the killings of journalists was a robbery — they died while trying to resist. In the African mass media the information appeared that the Russians were able to kill the militants of the Muslim rebel movement Seleka. The real motive and perpetrators of the murder is not yet established. The investigation conducted by the Investigation Committee, as well as colleagues of the slain journalists.

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The first results of the investigation Verzilova was supposed to appear this week, but due to poisoning Peter publication can be postponed. According to sources, “Project”, the contacts in the CARS have Verzilova was through his work in the field of human rights.

Now Verzilov is a Berlin clinic where he was taken after several days spent in the intensive care unit of the hospital. Bakhrushins and research Institute.Sklifosofsky. The German doctors said that the condition of the activist “with a high degree of credibility shows that it could be poisoned”. At the same time employees of Sklifa not found in his body of toxic substances.

Poisoning Verzilova

  • Verzilova health has sharply deteriorated in the evening of 11 September. He showed symptoms of poisoning: loss of vision, inability to move, slurred speech, seizures, confusion, delirium.
  • In the end, the publisher of “media zones” had to be urgently hospitalized. First he was put in textorientation Department in the hospital. Bakhrushina, then transferred to the Institute Sklifosovsky.
  • Relatives Verzilova reported that according to the data obtained from the doctors, he was exposed to drugs. What exactly — is unknown. As an example, doctors are called anticholinergic (blocking the effects of neurotransmitters). Native Verzilova sure that he alone any drugs.
  • Girl Verzilova Veronika Nikulshina admitted that the reason for the sudden ill health of a young man could be “interference.”
  • 15 Sep Verzilova aircraft sent to Berlin. By the time he regained consciousness, but could not move independently.
  • Participants Pussy Riot held in Chicago rally in support Verzilova. They stretched a banner with the inscription: “We will punish those who poisoned Peter Verzilova”.
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