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Very heavy crane: why half of Kiev may be left without hot water until October

Неподъёмный кран: почему половина Киева может остаться без горячей воды до октября

The company “Kyivenergo” said that five of the ten districts of the Ukrainian capital can remain without hot water before the heating season, i.e. before October 15. With household inconveniences will probably have to put up almost half the population of the city, which is home to about 3 million people. The collapse in the housing sector is associated with debt “Kyivenergo” before “Naftogaz” for delivered gas. Their total amount of about UAH 5 bn. ($190 million). Communal tariffs increased, and consumers bad pay the bills, and the state faces a deficit of funds for the payment of subsidies, which are used by about 60% of the population. What the outcome of the conflict at Kyiv correspondent RT.

The next five months a little less than half of Kyiv residents can spend without hot water. Residents of the five boroughs of the city — Darnytskyi, Dnieper, and Desna (all on the left Bank), Podil and Obolon hot water turned off may 30, but the return water can only with the beginning of the heating season in mid-October. Ivan Plachkov, head of Supervisory Board of “Kyivenergo” Rinat Akhmetov, which provides residents with lighting, heating and hot water, said that problems with hot water associated with the shutdown of the CHP-6.

Conflict issues


The current stop of the CHP-6 — the longest in the last 10 years. During this entire period she was stopped only twice and for no more than two days. “Kyivenergo” has taken such step from-for problems with deliveries of gas from “Naftogaz”. “Action “Naftogaz” are not predictable, they are situational. They took and disconnected CHP-6 from the gas supply. The probability is high that before the next heating season will not resume hot water supply from CHPP-6,” said Plachkov. He said that maintaining the system in working condition monthly, the company will have to spend about 1 million UAH. ($38 million).Неподъёмный кран: почему половина Киева может остаться без горячей воды до октября

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The cause is the conflict between “Kyivenergo” and “Naftogaz”. Its essence lies in the fact that companies can’t agree on the size of the debt. “Naftogaz” accused “Kyivenergo” in debt to the amount of about UAH 5 bn. ($190 million) for the gas supplied, whereas “Kyivenergo” is contesting in court the penalties in the amount of 1.2 billion UAH. ($46 million) in the Ukrainian courts. The confrontation came down to the fact that in early June, the State Executive service of Ukraine has arrested all accounts “Kyivenergo”, and then the company cut off gas supplies.

“Kyivenergo is our largest debtor. In such circumstances, the question arises: “Where money, Zin?” Where the money paid by Kyiv residents for heat and hot water?” — stated in the message “Naftogaz” on his official page in one of social networks.

Over the past year, “Naftogaz” actively extinguishes the debt for the gas supplied under the scrutiny of the International monetary Fund.

Over the past two years the cost of electricity, heating and hot water have risen in price for Ukrainians, three to five times.

Неподъёмный кран: почему половина Киева может остаться без горячей воды до октября

The IMF insisted that the tariffs were set at the market level, since Ukraine is no longer able to subsidize the work of “Naftogaz”. It gave the result: last year the monopoly has received a net profit of $ 26.5 billion UAH. ($1.01 billion), half of which was transferred to the state budget.

The rates are too high, according to the former Minister of housing Oleksiy Kucherenko. The head of the party “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko is contesting their growth in the courts.

A few days ago, residents living in the Darnytsia district of Kyiv blocked the traffic on one of the busiest routes of the city. They demanded the officials to provide electricity and centralized access to the water.


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Large debts


“Kyivenergo” blames the enormous debt officials. As stated in the message of the company, as of June 1 debt capital and the state, seven times the debt to “Naftogaz” for the consumed natural gas. For example, debts for heat in Kyiv exceed UAH 1.9 billion. ($ 73 million) for electricity — UAH 930 million. ($ 35 million). The indebtedness of the state to compensate for the difference in rates exceeds 760 million. ($ 29 million), and debts of the company Energorynok for supplied electricity are estimated at 275 million. ($ 10.5 million). In Executive services, business to recover in favor of “Kyivenergo” 937 million. ($ 36 million).Неподъёмный кран: почему половина Киева может остаться без горячей воды до октября

When half the residents of Kiev will return the hot water, the officials do not know.

“Apparently, “Kyivenergo” expects the conflict will interfere leadership of the city. The lack of hot water for about 1.5 million people — a big image blow to the mayor Vitaly Klitschko, who will have to negotiate with the conflicting parties”, — told RT, a source in the Kiev administration. But the city simply no money to pay the deficit.

About 60% of Ukrainians have issued subsidies of tariffs for housing and communal services, forcing officials to seek additional funds. For example, set in the state budget for these purposes about 47 billion UAH. ($ 1.8 billion) already spent about 30 billion UAH. ($ 1.2 billion). In such a scenario until the end of the year the government will have to submit to the payment of not less than 53 billion UAH. ($ 2 billion). This may mean that the Cabinet will delay the payment of debts to suppliers that will only worsen the situation.

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