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Very bad news for the “Roscosmos”

Очень плохая новость для "Роскосмоса"

Because today all the experts on geopolitics dramatically retrained in space experts, too, will contribute my 5 cents. Which in practical terms means yesterday’s launch of the Falcon Heavy?

First, almost half reduced the price of output of 1 kg of cargo into orbit (start FH is 1.5 times more expensive than the Falcon 9, with almost triple the power). This in turn may open the way to previously economically unjustified projects.

Secondly, it will be possible to display the devices much more mass than before. This opens up new possibilities including the construction of a future lunar orbital station.

Third, Roscosmos is very bad news. It’s a workhorse “proton-M” is now finally lose the competition Mask for most commercial launches. But if this year the Americans (SpaceX and/or ULA), and will launch its manned spacecraft, our aerospace industry will remain virtually idle. This is nothing that can compare with the latest developments Mask, we have in the foreseeable future is not expected. Will only Dmitry Rogozin in his Twitter.

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Fourth, the Musk now translate the message your fleet to the platform, the Falcon Heavy, rivet large number of them and focus all efforts on the development of BFR — missiles of a new class for Mars exploration. However, there is work to start and finish, it is unlikely it will fly sooner than after 8-10 years. But the probability that it will bring to the end, now quite large. So somewhere in the area 2030 may begin the training program private manned mission to Mars.

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But most importantly, in my opinion, is not that. Yesterday’s launch was watched live by over a million people, most of them young people. They see how technology and business together is the key to the transformation of the world and execution seem the most crazy dreams of mankind. How many more Moscow will grow out of this generation and how they will change life on Earth and above?

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