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“Uncle gave 100 rubles, and I spilled some cockroaches here”

"Дядя дал 100 рублей, и я рассыпал здесь тараканов"

In Tyumen the high-rise building residents had caught the boy, visualsage cockroaches in their entrance. The child explained that he was given for the work of a hundred rubles. Outraged residents wrote about it in social networks.

The explanation is not long in coming: after a week the whole staircase was plastered with offers to destroy insects. It is easy to guess that “uncle” who gave the hundred roubles to the child and the company are connected. When the story hit the net it became clear that such aggressive marketing is everywhere:

"Дядя дал 100 рублей, и я рассыпал здесь тараканов"

"Дядя дал 100 рублей, и я рассыпал здесь тараканов"


The most insulting, that no one can answer the question of how to deal with it. To prove that it is the work of the company is almost impossible. Rospotrebnadzor, the Department of ezopasnost of life and other authorities, all as one sent with replies. The woman in the comments to the post told about a bad experience filing a police report, but it did not help. Many people have resigned: as soon as the ad is – wait for red hotel.

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There is a comment from the employee of such a company, as it turned out, to resort to the help of children it is not necessary:

“Because now the competition is very strong, a lot of firms, we resort to some simple tricks: sits [cockroaches] in the simplest way. In dysfunctional homes of their swarming. We are not fastidious, we collect cockroaches in a jar, sits for food. On the first floor in the window, sill spilling, or in the same basement, the cockroaches run very fast”.

There are suspicions that the appeal to the conscience of the business useless. The only option allowed by law to deal with disinfection only the state sanitary and epidemiological station.

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