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Ukrainian journalist: to set fire to the warehouses in Kalinovka could any drunk bum

Украинский журналист: поджечь склады в Калиновке мог любой пьяный бомж

The cause of the fire at the ammunition depot in the Vinnitsa region were not saboteurs, and the negligence of the Mat when storing ammunition

Wrote about this on his page in Facebook the journalist Stanislav Rechinsky. He quoted the employee of the Main Directorate of development and support of the material support of the armed forces Sergey Misiura:

“On the eve of explosions in Kalynivka in Vinnytsia region detained several subversive groups. This is exactly the diversion. In this regard, and our intelligence even with the number 25 in the Vinnitsa region under the guise of anti-terrorist exercises were raided and prosecution of subversive groups. Yes, it’s not one person. Two days passed and maintain these groups. The bulk of their targets have been identified and were arrested. The majority, but not all. Therefore, one group was able to deliver on the drone explosive device”.

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Then the journalist adds: “it would be Interesting for members of these DRGs to see.”


“And now for a little detail. The warehouse was guarded by paramilitary guards. With revolvers. The shells were lying in bunkers and on the ground. Plus a bunch of trees on-site warehouses. To set fire to these warehouses could a drunk bum. Drones and there nafig was not needed. The sad experience of Blakley and warehouses in Mariupol learned nothing. In Mariupol the shells were all in silos. Fire protection of warehouses were seen over 5 hours before he went to the warehouses. They even dug trenches in his way, not called the fire Department. Stupidly hoping that the wind blows in a different direction,” he writes.

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He also notes that the response in Kalinovka explosions was also amazing.

In the evening of 26 September, on one of the largest ammunition depots, located in Kalinovka of Vinnytsia region, started a fire. Explosions in articlede not stop, moreover, by 27 September, they became more frequent. Explode heavy aircraft shells. The total area exposed to the shells and shrapnel, is about 5 km radius from the epicenter.

The SBU opened a criminal case under article “Diversion”, however, experts have expressed doubts about involvement in the fire saboteurs. As opposition, and partners Poroshenko on parliamentary coalition accused in the incident, Ukrainian President

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