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Ukraine won Russia, but remained a must

Украина "победила" Россию, но осталась должна

Within a few hours it was possible to observe the following headings:

Украина "победила" Россию, но осталась должна

Украина "победила" Россию, но осталась должна

It is noted that the court obliged “Naftogaz” to pay in favor of “Gazprom” the amount of overdue debt for gas deliveries in the amount of $2,018 billion, plus interest from December 22, 2017 for the implementation date of such payment in the amount of 0,03% for each day of delay.

Besides, “Naftogaz” is obliged every year from 2018 to select and pay for 5 billion cubic meters of gas, is written in Russia.


Due to the revision of the contract price Naftogaz saved $ 1800000000. on gas purchases, purchased in 2014-2015.

The arbitration court nullified the onerous provisions of the contract, bringing it into line with European market standards.

Naftogaz estimates the total positive effect of arbitral awards in more than 75 billion dollars. for the entire term of the contract for the supply of gas.

Naftogaz demands $ 16 billion. in arbitration on transit contract. This judgment is expected on 28 February 2018, – writing in the Ukraine.


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The court rejected key demands of the Ukrainian side on the revision of gas prices for the period from may 2011 to April 2014, and the recovery of the overpayment in the amount of about $14 billion.

The arbitral Tribunal also held that the contract of the parties should not apply either the European or the Ukrainian anti-monopoly legislation.

Now let’s see how all was actually:

“…the arbitrators recognized the applicable basic provisions of the contract and has satisfied most of the demands of “Gazprom” on payment of gas supplied, which initiated the proceedings”

There was a list of related requirements of “Gazprom”, which, for the most part, were satisfied.

Ukraine really needs Russia’s $2 billion – they relate to the arrears and interest.
For the 2014-2015 year Naftogaz to Gazprom do not have (at least a sensible explanation for this over there). And this is the only item that Ukraine has won. Perhaps even, it really is estimated at $1.8 billion but it does not mean that someone is SAVED, this means that Naftogaz will pay 4 billion and 2.

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What is “75 billion positive effect,” writes about the Naftogaz remains a mystery, because everything else Ukraine must pay. The same applies to the principle of “take or pay” until the end of 2019.

Regarding the decision of the London arbitration: appeal of Gazprom, which was filed after the decision in may, were filed not in vain. Then, in the intermediate variant Ukraine was $ 1.7 billion, and now – 300 million more, plus interest. A decision on transit in the amount of from 11 to 16 billion dollars is expected no later than February 28.
Surprisingly, after the may opinion, the Ukrainians for a couple of hours wrote that “Gazprom” will soon be sent to Ukraine billions. The same applies to the principle of “take or pay”, the decision on which Ukrainians, for some reason, just ignored (I recommend here here to read, quite funny).

In General, as always, defeated Russia brutally and relentlessly. Only have now a lot of money.

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