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Ukraine with fires Arsenal gets rid of “Beech”

Kiev intentionally destroys the evidence for the investigation on the Malaysian “Boeing”

In the night of Tuesday in the Arsenal of the Ukrainian army in Chernihiv region exploded ordnance. Kiev officials, for example, the Ukrainian Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian, were quick to call the incident an act of sabotage is unproven and even pointed out the culprit — “Russia — Moscow – Kremlin”. The experts of “MK” on this account a different opinion. They believe that the Arsenal near Zhitomir could be stored for anti-aircraft missile systems “Buk” from the same batch with the one that was shot down in 2014 the Malaysian “Boeing”. And fire specifically aims to destroy the important for the investigation of evidence.

– The fact that the missile complexes “Buk” with the big share of probability it may be – is one hundred per cent – said the “MK chief of air defense troops of the special-purpose Command (former Moscow district of VVS and PVO) of the Russian air force (2007-2009) Sergey Kotylev.

In his words, Ukrainian authorities themselves had acknowledged that the missiles on the Arsenal near Zhitomir there. It is no coincidence they even closed the airspace over the scene.

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All these arsenals established on the basis of Soviet army warehouse and district subordination. There can be any Soviet times and even removed from the Warsaw Pact. Including out of service, – said Sergey Kotylev.

Store ammunition near Zhytomyr occupies an area of approximately 682,6 hectare. Technical territory covers an area of 402 hectares. According to the armed forces of Ukraine, there is stored about 88 thousand tons of ammunition from cartridges for small arms to missiles. That is about one thousand railway cars.

According to the expert, “MK”, fire and explosions at rocket arsenals can be arranged by the Ukrainians. Thus Kiev wants to get rid of stocks of older missiles “Buk” of a certain party. Namely, that to which belonged the missile that shot down on 17 July 2014 over Ukraine Malaysian “Boeing”.

Earlier, the defense Ministry cited declassified documents. According to them, the rocket, which, according to Dutch investigators, the plane was shot down, made in 1986 at the Dolgoprudny research and production enterprise. Her hull number 8868720. From Dolgoprudny rocket was sent to a military unit 20152 (part of the Carpathian military district), stationed in the city of Terebovlya of Ternopil region. Now it is 223 anti-aircraft missile regiment of the Ukrainian army.

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Serial number rocket 8868720 identified by the marking, preserved in the rocket motor and the shank of the rockets, which were discovered by investigators on the scene.

The Ukrainian side has not provided the public with accurate information about the fate of the rockets that have arrived in the part in Terebovlia.

The Boeing 777 Malaysian airlines was flying flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. He was shot down near Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine on 17 July 2014. On Board were 298 people. The crew and all passengers died. Most of the victims were citizens of the Netherlands. The accident investigation was transferred to this country.

Kiev and Washington in the first hours after the disaster, blamed the militia of Donbass and supporting Russia. Moscow categorically disagrees with this version, arguing that the plane was shot down by a Ukrainian air defense calculations.


Watch the video on the topic: “near Chernigov exploded ammunition depot: epic video”




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