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Ukraine will help US to produce Russian weapons

The Pentagon offers to American manufacturers to set up production of Russian weapons, and Ukraine is already helping to do this. Kiev sells in the US documents and procurement of machine guns, allegedly modified in the Ukraine.

The command of the U.S. special operations (SOCOM) offered to domestic producers to create an analogue of Russian weapons of two types: modernized Kalashnikov machine gun (PKM) and heavy NSV. This was announced by the publication the National Interest. According to him, the SOCOM awards grants to companies that can “expand and improve the technology of the Kalashnikov machine gun modernized and large-caliber machine gun NSV “Utes”, and make copies of them”. Manufacturers need to get the drawings required parts and materials without the help of the military. Also the American edition emphasizes that copies of Russian weapons should be made in the USA using materials produced in the country and local citizens.

The production of the Russian machine guns are only the beginning, I think in the National Interest. The publication believe that the Pentagon intends to supply weapons to the Russian sample groups in the middle East. There, for example, in Syria, the US purchasing weapons, the Soviet samples produced in Eastern Europe. In support of the Syrian militants to support the train and equip forces to counter the banned in Russia “Islamic state”, the Pentagon has asked to allocate the budget for this year and next $ 800 million $ 114 million of them will be used for the purchase of 62 thousand AK-47 rifles, 7.5 thousand modernized Kalashnikov machine guns (PKM), 3.5 thousand heavy machine guns DShK, 3, 4 thousand hand-held antitank grenade launchers RPG-7 and 744 Dragunov sniper rifle.

In Rostec immediately responded to the message of the American edition is about to release in the US, Russian arms. “If someone wants to do this work legally, according to all the rules, come in “Rosoboronexport” and discuss. Otherwise we are talking about illegal copying Russian developments. Simply put — about the theft,” said Rostec. The Corporation noted that “such ideas, if they did exist, once again prove the advantages of Russian weapons”.

That in the United States are planning to start production of weapons of Soviet-Russian samples, Colossal wrote over six months ago. Then we discovered that an American company bought the Purple Shovel through the “Ukrinmash”, part of the Ukrainian state company “UkrSpetsExport”, the complete set of design documentation for the production of machine guns of 7.62 CT–for 7 million UAH ($ 267 million). The corresponding customs Declaration for the supply of package of documents in December of last year, published on the international website of export-import operations Importgenius. The kit consisted of the explanatory notes, Assembly drawings, bills of materials, working drawings, details, diagrams, 3D models, and it was handed to the Americans on the flash card on December 29 last year.

KT-7,62 — Ukrainian version of the modernized Kalashnikov machine gun, which is produced at the Kiev plant “Mayak”. “In Ukraine presented a unique machine gun KT-7,62 — Ukrainian innovations is impressive. The novelty has already gathered a lot of positive feedback and reviews, and its characteristics has surpassed the famous machine gun Kalashnikov,” — wrote the Ukrainian edition of “Dialogue” in October last year with the exhibition “Arms and security”. At the plant “Mayak”, said modestly: “the Gun is basically similar to all the features of Soviet PKT, but the designers have set on the receiver the rear sight weaver and increased life of the barrel up to 25 000 shots. In addition, it was developed a soft box for ammo that is emerging, and weighs in with rounds of 8 kg. After testing the box can be folded flat and then recharge again to use it,” the site says of the plant “Mayak” in the annotation to the gun.

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However, that’s not all. On the Importgenius website we found a Declaration of another delivery. January 2 this year, the Purple Shovel has received over $ 53 thousand of the blank barrel chambered for 12.7 mm NSV machine gun.

The supplier was made by a private Ukrainian company “Scientific-production company “Tekhimpeks”. On the company’s website says that the private defense company is a member of the state defense order for the defense Ministry, nazvanii and border service of Ukraine and, for example, produces and repairs artillery and small arms. Last year “Tekhimpeks” appeared in the center of the scandal with the supplies of Ukrainian arms to Africa and the middle East to bypass the international embargo, but the fact that OOO has denied wrongdoing.

If the American Purple Shovel, as proven, has already received documentation on PCM and procurement of NSV, it can be assumed that it has already all the documentation and materials for production as the modernized Kalashnikov machine gun (PKM), and large-caliber NSV. And the question is only, whether such variant of the special operations Command of US and when production starts.

In the United States earlier announced plans to build facilities for the production of Kalashnikov rifles — AK-47, but the production never came. Press Secretary of the Main Directorate of special forces U.S. Department of defense (SOCOM) Ken McGraw told the newspaper the Tampa Bay Times that the American arms production the Soviet samples, except for the RPG-7, not yet: “It’s still ongoing attempt. Producers yet.”

Counterparts the hand antitank grenade launchers RPG-7 released just three American companies. Until recently, however, they were not particularly sought-after by the Pentagon. “I wouldn’t let my kid shoot one of those who purchased SOCOM, even if I had 10 million dollars”, — said the publication of the Tampa Bay Times head of the Chicago RR Defence Systems Marilyn Catt. So she complained to reporters that the Pentagon has purchased through a contractor UDC USA cheap RPG Soviet model in Bulgaria $ 9 million, and bought them from local producers. RR Defence Systems that produces more expensive but better quality antitank grenade launchers. Then Marilyn Catt encouraged to follow one of the slogans of Donald trump’s “Buy American”: “So true. This will give work to Americans.”

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Fate RPG-7, which are manufactured in the form of improved versions of PSRL-1 another private American company Airtronic USA has developed more successfully. According to the Federal procurement system of the United States, in the second half of 2017, the company received several specific orders from one of the logistic agencies of the Pentagon for the supply of rocket launchers for a total of about $ 360 thousand as well Airtronic USA, as already mentioned Colossal, successfully sold a few games RPGs to Ukraine for the national guard. For example, on 27 October last year, the country brought 400 hand-held antitank grenade launchers PSRL-1 total cost of 59 million UAH. On the specialized business portal Importgenius journalists Colossal found the act of shipment of arms from the American company Airtronic. Recipient — Ukrainian state company “Spetstechnoexport”. The document says that Ukraine has delivered rocket launchers in the base with optic sights total weight of 4 tons. The cost of one RPG amounted to 148 thousand UAH ($ 5.5 thousand).

Purple Shovel, a controversial company. Until recently, she was one of the suppliers of Eastern European weapons program the Pentagon to ensure its allies, including jihadists in Syria, weapons of NATO standards. Scandal the company acquired after the summer of 2015 on the ground in Bulgaria killed an American contractor Francis Norville, whose grenade launcher grenade exploded old. He worked for one of the subcontractors who hired Purple Shovel in the acquisition of Bulgarian weapons to Syria under contract with the Department of special forces U.S. Department of defense. Then it became clear that contractors are not only tested expired ammunition, but still had to train Syrian militants in Jordan, and during the European trip secretly traveled to Belarus to train in the use of anti-tank missile complex ATGM “Competition”.

The last time Purple Shovel supplied Eastern European weapons to the Pentagon last year. According to the Federal procurement system of the United States, the company has executed a contract with SOCOM for the supply of Bulgarian RPG-7 for $ 4 million.

However, according to the American procurement website, Purple Shovel now actively engaged in the supply of arms and ammunition of American manufacture. Any, is unknown. Known another company to have sole rights to sell AK-47, which is set to release in Florida Inter Ordnance. As informs American edition of the Tampa Bay Times, production has already invested $ 5 million and needs another $ 3-5 million

There in Florida plans to build capacity to produce AK-47 and the company Kalashnikov USA. After the introduction of sanctions, she severed all relations with the Russian company and promises herself to start producing famous machines, limited only by assembling the variants of Kalashnikov rifles — KS-12. However, in the Wake of the executions of people in the U.S. the project got a lot of opponents. American governmental organization called the immoral granting permission for the construction of the plant.

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